Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion Volume 2 Review

We left Raeliana working on a secret mission given by Noah, only for her to be approached by a noble lady who doesn’t quite like Raeliana’s relationship with Noah—Vivian Shamal.

Vivian has been doing everything in her power to make Duke Wynknight notice her, and she definitely can’t believe that someone from a less prestigious family could attract his attention. She doesn’t hesitate to put Raeliana in her place. Or at least she tries. Raeliana is not one to give in. So, she unsheathes her claws and fights back, in a ladylike manner, of course.

Well, it seems everything is going well for Raeliana, nobles aside, when she is kidnapped… and held to ransom. Although the relationship between Noah and Raeliana is contract-based, they have been passing as a couple in love. So someone tries to make money out of it. Raeliana’s ex-fiancé isn’t happy to have lost his meal ticket, so if someone is willing to pay to get rid of Raeliana, who is he to say no?

But what he doesn’t realise is that Raeliana is not the same as before. After being reincarnated in this world, Eunha won’t let her reincarnation end up the same way she did in her world—dead. So with a lot of acumen and a surprising talent with a gun, Raeliana exacts her revenge.

Noah too won’t take chances. Although he should be happy that Raeliana might die so no one else will know his secret, he has a feeling that he can’t let her go. (Might this feeling be love? I hope so). So all is well, at least until the hunting party where Raeliana is in for a surprise.

As with Volume 1, Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion Volume 2 keeps the readers glued to its pages, thanks to the amazing illustrations and the intriguing and funny storyline. I really appreciate how the authors depict Raeliana as a strong woman. With this, I don’t mean brute force, but actually her personality and character. She doesn’t bend down to people who assume they are superior to her, but she defeats them with words and grace. Moreover, she knows that in the original story of the book, her character’s death was supposed to be the turning point for the hero and heroine to meet, but she’ll have none of that. She’s going to survive, even if it means making a deal with the devil (not literally)—Noah.

Moreover, more and more people can’t stop falling for her. Adam, Noah’s knight listens to her, shocking everyone who knows him as he only used to listen to Noah. People can’t stop gravitating toward her because she’s genuine and has a refreshing personality. From the preview at the end of the book for Volume 3, she’s going to attract someone else to her, and it seems that laughs will be guaranteed.

The relationship between Noah and Raeliana is peculiar. They have a contract, but Noah can’t stop making Raeliana turn bright red, and when she disappears because of the kidnapping, he searches for her frantically. It seems he just cannot get her out of his mind. I’m so digging this new development. As a mainly romance manhwa, we knew it was coming, but still, I cannot wait to see how hard Noah will fall for Raeliana. Especially as he’s supposed to be cold-hearted.

Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion Volume 2 is written by Milcha and illustrated by Whale. It has been brought to print format in the West by Yen Press with an English translation from David Odell. Volume 3 is slated for release in Spring 2023.

8 / 10


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