London Film and Comic Con Review

As a regular on the convention circuit, I was expecting the same old things at the London Film and Comic Con, but as I quickly learned sci-fi fans are a different kind of otaku. The most striking presence…

• 4th August 2009

New anime shows starting this weekend

Bored of New Year TV? Starting this Saturday 5th January, Anime Central will be airing new shows including s-Cry-ed, Witch Hunter Robin and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. The shows will start from 9pm…

• 4th January 2008

My Year with Naruto

Ever since I got into anime, I suddenly stopped going to the cinema. After a two year absence, I finally stepped foot into a movie theatre to see… wait for it, a Naruto movie, Ninja Clash in the land…

• 29th December 2007

Anime Central to show Christmas marathons

Christmas TV has always had a reputation for being bad, but anime fans this year will be interested to know that Anime Central, Sky Channel 199, will be running Christmas marathons of their recent…

• 13th December 2007

Adult anime at the ICA

Princess, a dark anime-inspired film about murder and revenge in the porn industry is currently showing at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London as part of the Comica festival. …

• 29th October 2007

Anime UK News at the Japan EXPO

Manga and anime were the best introductions to Japanese culture I could have ever had. It was whilst I was flicking through my manga did I wonder: Just what is Pocky? Who’s Hyde? So, it was with much…

• 7th August 2007
Anime Review

Noein Volume 2

Why is it in anime that the future is always a bleak place? I’ve always wondered this… Following up on the first volume’s cliffhanger, Haruka finds herself in Karasu’s dimension, La ‘cryma,…

• 23rd July 2007
Anime Review

Trinity Blood Volume 1

Armageddon has arrived with a wave of atomic explosion’s spreading across the earth. Five hundred years later, the world is changed forever. The Methuselah, a race of vampires are waging a war…

• 6th July 2007
Anime Review

Le Portrait De Petite Cossette

Eiri, a young man who works in an antique shop is handsome with many admirers, but much to their dismay, it is the glassware in the store that wins his affections. One evening, he acquires a new item…

• 25th June 2007
Anime Review

Speed Grapher Volume 1

Right from the word go, this is one stylish series. It’s not just the cool theme tune, or the Bond-esque feel of the opening sequence, Speed Grapher hits the floor running and never slows down.


• 16th June 2007
Anime Review

Fantastic Children Volume 2

Fantastic Children follows the story of a group of mysterious white haired children and their hunt to find one individual, Tina, a search which not only spans Europe but has been going on for hundreds…

• 7th June 2007