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Gurren Lagann Volume 2

First, a warning. This review contains a couple of major spoilers for the *first* volume of Gurren Lagann because, well, I don’t see how I could possibly review this volume without doing…

• 3rd January 2010
Anime Review

Gurren Lagann Volume 1

Gurren Lagann is not the best anime ever made.

There, I’ve said it.

On the surface, Gurren Lagann isn’t even particularly original. Go Nagai was doing “Over the top manly super…

• 16th August 2009
Anime Review

Gunbuster 2

After following this series via fansub I was keen to revisit the second Gainax tale of Angsty Girls in Space battling hoardes of invading alien space monsters in order to save the Earth. As with …

• 15th July 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 7

At the start of this volume the moon continues to pour out the same fluid that animates the series Armours, Ray, Priscilla and the Eldora Folks try to hold off an army of unmanned vehicles, and the…

• 7th July 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 6

Having just revealed his plans – albeit without much elaboration on the details – the Claw prepares to reshape the minds of everyone in th world, so they can live together in peace,…

• 5th July 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 5

Bringing the series past the midway point and with a greater emphasis on the story, volume five is probably the most informative and forward-moving so far.

Or, at least, that is the case after the…

• 30th June 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 10

And so we reach the end of the road for Renton, Eureka, the Gekkostate and the others as the final confrontation with the true nature of the Coralians looms: Dewey swings his plan into action while…

• 19th June 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 9

The penultimate volume unsurprisingly ups the ante in terms of exposition and tension as Eureka, Renton and the kids are led by Norb to the inner sanctum of the Voderac and, following a meeting …

• 17th April 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 8

The relationship between Renton and Eureka runs into more problems while Norb, the Voderac priest, offers important insights into the Coralians and how their existence is tied to humans and …

• 31st March 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 7

A striking aspect of watching Eureka Seven is that you come to expect the unexpected. As enjoyable as I find the aerial combat and edge-of-the-seat tension to be, it has a complexity of writing …

• 10th March 2008
Anime Review

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Volume 6

Keeping up its drive to deliver more episodes on less discs, Beez offers up the final volume of IGPX, like many of its first and last entries into recent series, with five rather than the standard…

• 14th February 2008
Anime Review

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Volume 5

This volume begins with Team Satomi in the midst of their race with Team Velshtein, and as ever, protagonist and forward, Takeshi, is called upon to pull his own weight and that of the team (like …

• 12th February 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 4

Volume four of Gun X Sword moves immediately into the midst of things, picking up where the previous volume had left off, with the confrontations between Rei and his long-time nemesis the Claw,…

• 25th November 2007
Anime Review

Gun X Sword: Gun Sword

After the first two relatively formulaic and emotionally uninspiring volumes, Gun X Sword finally appears to be carving out its own niche, with a series of important revelations that both progress…

• 21st October 2007
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 6

Faced with the decision as to where to go next, Renton reluctantly decides to leave the Beams’ ship and return to the Gekkostate. Unfortunately the military are moving in on the Gekko with…

• 4th October 2007