Anime Review

Bleach Volume 4

Bleach is liked, by the majority of those who like it, I would imagine, for its successful underlying formula (which is equally apparent in Naruto); moving almost haphazardly between scenes …

• 21st March 2009
Anime Review

Naruto: Naruto Unleashed 4:2

Tsunade, anxious over the question of whether to acquiesce to Orochimaru’s bargain or not (and equally torn over whether to become the next Hokage), here becomes centripetal in the early…

• 12th February 2009
Anime Review

Naruto: Naruto Unleashed 4:1

Bringing yet another series of episodes – one arc in the story – to a close, and laying the groundwork for the next, volume 4.1 exhibits the lull between action scenes and storytelling…

• 7th February 2009
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 5

Of course, you’re unlikely to be reading this with much conviction that you’ll actually by the series if it gets a good review if you haven’t already been convinced by the series, but for …

• 4th January 2009
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 4

A maternity test handed to Masane at the beginning of this volume reveals that she is not, in fact – as had seemed to be the case, but never firmly stated – Rihoko’s biological…

• 20th December 2008
Anime Review

Trinity Blood

Like many anime series, Trinity Blood begins with the romanticised amalgamation of different periods, organisations and styles (used to its own ends) that we are by now familiar with; drawing…

• 7th October 2008
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 3

In the last volume reporter-hopeful Tozawa discovered Masane’s secret, and forced her into a partnership, aiding his research into the X-con and Cloneblade (Neogene) murders throughout…

• 28th August 2008
Anime Review

Ergo Proxy Volume 6

Reviewing Ergo Proxy has actually been a pleasure, and, in the same sense, I imagine that most people making the informed decision of buying into the series are inevitably going to take something…

• 25th August 2008
Anime Review

Samurai 7 Volume 1

Based on the Japanese cinema classic by director Akira Kurosawa of the same name, Samurai Seven is a retelling of the famous story of a group of samurai hired to protect a poor village from the bandits…

• 12th August 2008
Anime Review

Naruto: Naruto Uncut 3:2

Sasuke has finally arrived at the finals of the Chunin exam, albeit in an untimely fashion (being mere seconds from disqualification), this doesn’t really bother anyone in a significant…

• 9th August 2008
Anime Review

Naruto: Naruto Uncut 3:1

With the preliminary rounds of the Chuunin exam over, Naruto and the other qualifiers are given time to prepare for the finals, with a chance to train and learn new techniques before their respective…

• 5th August 2008
Anime Review

Bleach Volume 3

The third volume of Bleach commences with Ichigo, Yoruichi and their friends arriving at the Soul Society in order to save Rukia from her planned execution.

Entering the Rukongai district; a …

• 9th July 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 7

At the start of this volume the moon continues to pour out the same fluid that animates the series Armours, Ray, Priscilla and the Eldora Folks try to hold off an army of unmanned vehicles, and the…

• 7th July 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 6

Having just revealed his plans – albeit without much elaboration on the details – the Claw prepares to reshape the minds of everyone in th world, so they can live together in peace,…

• 5th July 2008
Anime Review

Gravitation Volume 1

Years ago, when I was at school, an openly gay friend let me borrow Gravitation, and it was quite timely, so I’m glad to have the chance to look at it again, to own the English release, and finally…

• 4th July 2008
Anime Review

Gun X Sword Volume 5

Bringing the series past the midway point and with a greater emphasis on the story, volume five is probably the most informative and forward-moving so far.

Or, at least, that is the case after the…

• 30th June 2008
Anime Review

Elemental Gelade Volume 6

With the last five episodes, the final volume oversees a conflict between Arc Aile (the morally questionable Edel Raid Protection Agency) and the Chaos Choir – who are more closely affiliated,…

• 26th June 2008