Podcast XIII: Angel Beats!

We Aten’t Dead!

Nakama Britannica 13 – “I went to Purgatory, but all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

By popular request (maybe), we assemble to discuss popular ecumenical boxing series, Angel Beats, joined this time by our special guest, Otaku-san. The first section is a guaranteed* spoiler free review, followed by some more in-depth discussion after the jump. Stay with us for righteous indignation, the plight of fully grown women who look 10 and our epic plans to remodel the entire series as we see fit, armed with only crayons and a five pound note.

Give it a shot. You might get CHANCE AND LUCK.

Massive thanks also due to Sayo, our editor on this episode, for generally saving Alan a huge amount of time.

iTunes inbound.

*Not guaranteed in the land of the living.