Scotland MCM Comic Con reveals new MangaUK and Anime Limited details

Today at the Scotland MCM Comic Con in well, Scotland, Manga UK hosted their now regular live podcast panel, during which some small details about upcoming releases were revealed:

– The anime adaptation of the Weekly Shonen Magazine manga Fairy Tail will be moving into the high definition with the release of its 5th volume, which will be released on both DVD and blu-ray. There are also plans to rerelease the first 48 episodes of the series onto blu-ray, possibly as two sets like the recent DVD rerelease.

– The first if the four Sword Art Online volumes will be released as both a standalone DVD, as well as a DVD/Blu-ray combo-pack on 16 December, with a subsequent volumes being released at monthly intervals.

– Andrew Partridge of Anime Limited and Scotland Loves Anime announced that Masayuki Miyaji (Fuze) will be a special guest at Scotland Loves Anime’s upcoming Glasgow event, while Makoto Shinkai (The Garden of Words) will be a guest at the Edinburgh event.

And although it was revealed on Anime Limited’s Facebook page and not during the panel, the company will be releasing the Shinichiro Watanabe directed Nerima Daikon Brothers series.


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