Animax UK To Simulcast Nisekoi: False Love Season 2

Anime’s most popular false couple are returning next month with SHAFT’s second television anime adaptation of Noashi Komi’s romantic comedy Nisekoi: False Love. As if Raku Ichijou’s life of juggling teenage love with avoiding the onset of a mafia war couldn’t get any more complicated, the new school year becons the arrival of Kosaki’s more confrontational younger sister Haru Onodera and Tsugumi Seishirou’s rival, the White Fang Paula McCoy!

Animax UK previously simulcast the first series as it aired last year, which will be available on DVD and blu-ray from Kazé UK (courtesy of Manga Entertainment) from 20th April. Viz Media have been releasing the original manga, which is also serialised in their digital Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.


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