Manga Entertainment UK releasing Terra Formars in August

Liden Films’ thirteen-episode television anime adaptation of Yū Sasuga’s science fiction horror manga Terra Formars is coming to the United Kingdom at the event of this august, courtesy of Manga Entertainment UK and Kazé.

After a virus spreads across the world and humanity’s last hope is pinned on the crew of Annex #1, they travel to Mars to gather samples from the thousands of years old Terra Forming Project, which involved moss and cockroaches – two life forms that are resilient and can grow in almost any environment, in the hopes of finding a cure to the virus. Unfortunately for the crew of Annex #1 however, over time these insects have mutated into a species of extremely large and aggressive humanoids with one single goal: to eradicate the humans!

The first of Kazé and Manga Entertainment UK’s two DVD and blu-ray releases of the series, which was directed by Steins;Gate co-creator Hiroshi Hamasaki, will be released on 31st August, 2015. Viz Media are currently publishing the original manga in English.

Are you looking forward to Terra Formers?

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