The Japan Foundation presents Anisong – The Musical World of Anime

The Japan Foundation have announced a special event that will be held in London this January!

The foundation presents Anisong – The Musical World of Anime, that delves deep into the topic of Japanese anime music!

From the onset of anime in Japan, the accompanying music has always been fine-tuned to the content of the anime as well as its audience. While the music style of each song varies and differs depending on the period, the songs used and created for anime are often passionate, melodic and almost always undeniably infectious. Recently the songs have evolved from mere accompaniments or frills to the anime to become more independent and acknowledged in their own right as a genre known as anisong (“Anime songs”).

Responding to this musical phenomenon, the Japan Foundation present a special event delving deep into the topic of anime music, which is today considered one of the main driving forces in the Japanese music industry.

The event will feature talks by Dr Rayna Denison, a lecturer at the University of East Anglia, that will discuss the anime music’s brief historical journey while also examining the impact it has had upon the viewers and those involved in the anime industry.

In addition songstress Aya Ikeda will offer a special performance with the option to sing-along as well! She is known for performing the theme songs to the long running magical girl franchise Pretty Cure (PreCure); notably Smile Precure! and Heartcatch Precure!. You can check out a localised version of PreCure over on Netflix under the name Glitter Force.

Anisong – The Musical World of Anime will commence on Wednesday 18th January 2017 at 6:45pm in the Foyles Bookshop Venue (Level 6) located at 107 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DT. The event is free to attend but booking is recommended, so here’s a quick link to help you register a place!

You can find out more about the Japan Foundation by visiting their website, Twitter and Facebook page. The Japan Foundation is also known for their special Film Programme Festivals where you can watch the latest Japanese films at the cinema in special locations, and their latest line-up will be unveiled very soon for 2017!


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