UK Releases for Genius Party & Momotaro Pushed Back to December

We just received word of some unfortunate delays for a couple titles under Anime Limited (and one from Funimation).

It’s common to see Anime Limited titles get pushed back a lot, and these few are the latest to be delayed.

First up, Heavy Object Part 2 will be delayed due to events beyond Anime Limited’s control. The new release date is now 27th November 2017. This is part of the Funimation UK line-up.

Next up, the classic 1945 propaganda film Momotaro: Sacred Sailors and the Genius Party collection (Genius Party & Genius Party Beyond) will both now be pushed further to 11th December 2017. These lot have been rated by the BBFC but it seems like there might have been delays in approvals or disc-authoring (we don’t know the exact reason but it’s usually one of those).

Stay tuned if we hear any more news regarding any upcoming push-backs or new release dates.


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