Garo -VANISHING LINE- Magically Appears for the UK on Crunchyroll

Sounds like someone on their end finally realised they done goofed on the region availability.

When Funimation revealed that they have acquired the latest series in the Garo anime franchise called Garo -VANISHING LINE- for the UK, Ireland, US & Canada on their service, a lot of us were anticipating the Crunchyroll stream as well. Unfortunately for bizarre reason we didn’t get access to the subtitled version on Crunchyroll and were left with the English dubbed version Funimation in terms of region availability.

Today we can confirm that Crunchyroll probably realised that they done goofed and have now finally offered the subtitled version for the UK & Ireland. All six current episodes are now available to watch on the service with each episode added every Friday. This effectively means that every major title licensed for legal streaming from the Autumn 2017 season is now available for the UK & Ireland.

Garo -VANISHING LINE- is one of the latest anime titles animated by studio MAPPA and directed by Seong-Hu Park (Key Animator for Garo the Animation).

Highly advanced town – Russel City. While people enjoy its prosperity in the town, there is a huge conspiracy secretly going on which will shake the world. Sword, a man who notices its movement determines to throw himself into battles and reveal the conspiracy, but only to find a clue – “Eldorado”. At that time, Sword happens to meet a girl Sophie who has been looking for the meaning of “Eldorado”, a message left by her missing brother. These two, attracted by the word “Eldorado”, somehow feel invisible ties each other and start to act together. Their journey with mixed feelings now begins.

Garo -VANISHING LINE- simulcasts every Friday at 6:23pm BST on Crunchyroll subtitled and every Thursday at 10:00pm BST on Funimation dubbed.


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