Yuri!!! on Ice performed at the Winter Olympics

The anime that was “born to make history” has made some today: music from Yuri!!! on Ice has been used by performers at the Winter Olympics.

Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara, representing Japan in the pair event, performed to that track “Yuri on Ice” from the Oh! SkaTra!!! Yuri!!! on ICE soundtrack album. In the coverage of the routine, the music credited was named as “Yuri on Ice (soundtrack)”. Sadly, the pair finished eighth out of ten performers, with the Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR) taking the top spot.

In the American coverage of the event Johnny Weir, a figure skater known to have been a big fan of the show, explained to viewers where the music came from.

There is still speculation that other performers, such as OAR skater and Yuri!!! on Ice fan Evgenia Medvedeva, may also perform to similar music.

Ian Wolf

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