MCM Scotland Comic Con to Host Sword Art Online 3 Premiere

The highly anticipated “Alicization” story arc of Reki Kawahara’s world famous Sword Art Online anime is set to kick off with the anime’s third season in Japan this October, but attendees at this month’s MCM Scotland Comic Con in Glasgow are in for a special treat, courtesy of Aniplex – the UK premiere of Sword Art Online -Alicization-!

With a listed run-time of 50 minutes, the premiere is likely to be a “double episode”, similar to the opening act of Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World. The premiere will take place on the events main stage at 12pm on Sunday 23rd September 2018. The premiere will be open to anyone with a valid MCM Scotland Comic Con ticket for that day

Anime Limited describes the new story arc as:

“Where… am I…?”

Before he knows it, Kirito has made a full-dive into an epic, fantasy-like virtual world. With only a murky recollection of what happened right before he logged in, he starts to wander around, searching for clues.

He comes upon an enormous, pitch black tree – the Gigas Cedar – where he encounters a boy. “My name is Eugene. Nice to meet you, Kirito.” Although he is supposedly a resident of the virtual world – an NPC – the boy shows the same array of emotions as any human being.

As Kirito bonds with Eugeo, he continues to teach for a way to log out of this world. Meanwhile, he remembers a certain memory deep down within him.

He remembers racing through the mountains with Eugeo as a child… A memory that he should not have in the first place. In this memory, he sees someone other than Eugeo, a young blonde girl. Her name is Alice…

Manabu Ono (The Asterisk War) is taking over as director of the series at A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale). Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu are set to reprise their roles as Kirito and Asuna, respectively, with Ai Kayano (No Game No Life) joining the cast as Alice, and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Black Clover) as Eugeo.

Sword Art Online -Alicization- will be simulcast on Crunchyroll following its Japanese airing on 6th October 2018 and according to Anime News Network, will be the longest season to date. Sword Art Online: Alicization will reportedly adapt the entire story arc over four planned “cours” (quarters of the year), which will likely make it equal to the length of both Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II!

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