Fate/Zero Heads to Netflix UK this April, Plus Two Netflix Originals Dated

Streaming service Netflix have revealed a portion of their release schedule for the month of April 2019, with three more anime titles included in the line-up. Two of them were previously announced as part of the Netflix Originals slate, but there’s also one more anime heading to the service. It’s worth pointing out that the anime 7 SEEDS was also supposed to be scheduled for April, but it has been recently pushed back to June.

Here are the anime titles heading to the service this April:


Scheduled for 1st April 2019
For UK & Ireland territories

Studio Ufotable’s adaptation of Gen Urobuchi’s light novel series is heading to Netflix, joining the likes of Apocrypha, Extra Last Encore, and Unlimited Blade Works on the platform.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Scheduled for 19th April 2019
For all territories with access to Netflix

Announced back in 2017, the stop motion anime series is finally making its way to the platform as part of the Netflix Originals line-up. The series is based on San-X’s character Rilakkuma and adapted by Dwarf Studio.


Scheduled for 1st April 2019
For all territories with access to Netflix

Based on Eiichi Shimizu’s 2011 manga series of the popular Japanese Tokusatsu character, ULTRAMAN is a continuation of the classic 1966 live-action series presented in 3DCG anime form by studios Production I.G and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS as part of the Netflix Originals line-up.

More titles may make their appearance in Netflix’s April slate in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you can look forward to these three shows coming soon!

We have a round-up of the latest anime scheduled to hit the streaming service throughout the next year and beyond. Recent additions to the ever-growing line-up include +Ultra anime titles BEASTARS and Drifting Dragons as well as announced titles Dragon’s Dogma and Super Crooks.

Special thanks to AUKN member Jon O Fun for spotting the Fate/Zero launch date on the Netflix app


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