What’s Coming to Netflix for Anime in 2019 & Beyond

Throughout 2018 the streaming platform Netflix have added tons of anime onto the platform, including Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden, Science SARU’s Devilman Crybaby and also surprise hits like Aggretsuko. For 2019 they have once again continued to provide an interesting variety of titles, including a catalogue title for a franchise that has been unavailable for legal platforms in well over a decade.

If you are familiar with our 2018 round-up, we cover every anime exclusive to the platform and will update it throughout the year!

Our round-up has been updated as of 19th April 2019.

The following anime are now streaming on Netflix since 2019:

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Final Arc

Aired in December 2018, Streaming since 1st March
Studio: J.C. Staff

Godzilla: The Planet Eater

Theatrical in November 2018, Streaming since 9th January
Studio: Polygon Pictures

Hi-Score Girl Extra Stage

Aired in March 2019, Streaming since 20th March
Studio: J.C. Staff

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Netflix Original, Streaming since 19th April
Studio: dwarf


Netflix Original, Streaming since 1st April
Studio: Production I.G, Sola Digital Arts

Coming Soon with a confirmed release window:


Netflix Original series
Streaming Date:
June 2019
Studio: GONZO

From the folks at GONZO comes an adaptation of Yumi Tamura’s 35 volume series that was began serialization in 2001. The anime will be directed by Yukio Takahashi with series composition from Touko Machida and characters designed by Youko Satou. Originally slated for April, it has been delayed to June 2019.

Baki: Episodes 14-26

Broadcast Date: July 2018
Streaming Date for Remaining Episodes:
30th April 2019
Studio: TMS Entertainment

Following the release of the first 13 episodes back in December 2018, Netflix will be bringing the second half of the series this April. The anime is based on the second Baki manga series from 1999, continuing the events of the previous two anime adaptations that had aired in 2001.

INGRESS: The Animation

Broadcast Date: October 2018
Streaming Date: 30th April 2019
Studio: Craftar

The first title from Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block (a spin-off to NoitaminA) and an adaptation of a mobile video game, INGRESS is a CG anime series that will be heading to Netflix. While the show has already aired and is available on Netflix Japan, the series will be made available later in April.


Broadcast Date: January 2019
Streaming Date: 13th June 2019
Studio: MAPPA

The second season of the gambling series from studio MAPPA and Homura Kawamoto’s 2014 manga series will once again be making an appearance on Netflix.

Kengan Ashura

Netflix Original series
Streaming Date: 31st July 2019
Studio: Larx Entertainment

Based on the manga written by Sandrovich Yabako and illustrated by Daromeon, the 2012 series is heading to Netflix in CG anime form by studio Larx Entertainment and director Seiji Kishi.


Netflix Original series
Streaming Date: Winter 2019
Studio: Polygon Pictures

A brand new anime project from the animation studio behind Ajin and Knights of Sidonia, with Keisuke Ide, Hiroshi Seko, Yuki Moriyama, and Yugo Kanno on board as director, series composition writer, character designer and music composer respectively. The series is based on the 2012 manga series written by Haruhisa Nakata (character designer for Fairy Gone) and will hit globally on Netflix sometime in the Winter season.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
(+ Death(true2) & End of Evangelion)

Broadcast Date: October 1995
Streaming Date:
21st June 2019
Studio: GAINAX

Shinji got in the robot, and now he’s coming on Netflix. The cult classic franchise from the 90s that inspired many fans and creators is coming back, this time on Netflix’s streaming platform. The details revealed so far include the streaming rights to the 26 episode series, the compilation film Evangelion: Death(true2) and the alternate ending film The End of Evangelion. There are rumors that these titles will be given a new English dub but stay tuned on that one.


Broadcast Date: January 2019
Streaming Date: 14th May 2019
Studio: Shirogumi

As part of Fuji TV’s new +Ultra programming block, Gorou Taniguchi will be directing the CG anime series with Makoto Fukami writing the script composition and Sunao Chikaoka designing the characters.

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac

Netflix Original series
Streaming Date:
19th July 2019
Studio: Toei Animation

Announced back in 2017, Toei Animation is re-adapting the Saint Seiya manga with a new 12 episode CG anime series, covering the Galaxian Wars to Silver Saints arcs. Yoshiharu Ashino will be directing the anime with Eugene Son as story editor & head writer, and Terumi Nishii as character designer.

Coming Soon:

Aggretsuko Season 2

Netflix Original series
Studio: Sanrio

After the success of the 10 episode short series, Netflix announced plans for a second season of Sanrio’s hard-working heavy metal loving Retsuko.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

Netflix Original Film
Studio: Anima

An anime set in the world of Altered Carbon is coming to Netflix from writers Dai Sato and Tsukasa Kondo. The anime will be a spin-off to the live-action series and will explore more of the franchise’s story mythology.

B: The Beginning Season 2

Netflix Original series
Studio: Production I.G

Netflix announced plans for a second season of Production I.G’s original anime series (initially known as Perfect Bones when it was first announced) at Annecy International Festival 2018.

Baki Season 2

Netflix Original series
Studio: TMS Entertainment

With two anime seasons from 2000 and a recent anime season from last year, Netflix announced plans to provide more anime for Baki. More details yet to be revealed.


Broadcast Date: October 2019
Studio: Orange

As part of Fuji TV’s new +Ultra programming block, Paru Itagaki’s 2016 manga series is getting an anime adaptation from studio Orange of Land of the Lustrous fame. It will air in Japan this Autumn and then added to Netflix worldwide later down the line.

Cagaster of an Insect Cage

Netflix Original series
Studio: GONZO

Based on the manga series Mushikago no Cagaster, the CG anime will be handled by studio GONZO and director Koichi Chigira.

Cannon Busters

Netflix Original series
Studio: Satelight

In a collaboration between American comic writer LeSean Thomas, Japanese studio Satelight and UK distributor Manga UK, comes an adaptation of the 2005 graphic novel Cannon Busters after a successful kickstarter campaign for the anime short. Initially set for March/April, the series has been delayed to an unknown release window. All 12 episodes will be available together when it heads to Netflix.

Carole & Tuesday

Broadcast Date: April 2019
Studio: Bones

As part of Fuji TV’s new +Ultra programming block, Shinichiro Watanabe is back as supervising director with studio Bones and director Motonobu Hori for a new anime series streaming exclusively to Netflix. It will run throughout the Spring and Summer seasons during broadcast in Japan before hitting Netflix for the rest of the world later down the line.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. New Series

Netflix Original series
Studio: EGG FIRM, J.C. Staff.

After going through two anime seasons and a few episodes to round up the adaptation of the Shonen Jump manga series, Netflix announced during one of their AnimeJapan 2019 panels that Saiki K. will be getting a new anime series. Details are very slim at the moment so it’s unknown on whether it will be anime original or otherwise.

Dragon’s Dogma

Netflix Original series
Studio: Sublimation

Based on Capcom’s cult hit action role-playing game, animation studio Sublimation will be providing an anime adaptation of the game’s story on Netflix. Announced via Netflix press release in March 2019.

Drifting Dragons

Broadcast Date: January 2020
Studio: Polygon Pictures

As part of Fuji TV’s new +Ultra programming block, Taku Kuwabara’s 2016 manga series is getting an anime adaptation from studio Polygon Pictures (BLAME!, Godzilla). Tadahiro Yoshihira and Makoto Uezu are attached to the project as director and writer respectively. It will air in Japan this Winter and then added to Netflix worldwide later down the line.


Netflix Original series
Studio: Qubic Pictures, CGCG

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood director Yasuhiro Irie will be directing this four-episode anime series for Netflix sometime in 2020. Other staff members confirmed include Kimiko Ueno for screenplay, Toshihiro Kawamoto and Christophe Ferreira for character/concept designs, Justin Leach for producer, and Kevin Penkin for music composition.

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

Netflix Original series
Studio: Production I.G, Sola Digital Arts

Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts team up once again for a brand new CG anime series of Ghost in the Shell. The anime will be available on Netflix sometime in 2020. Directors Kenji Kamiyama of Ghost in the Shell SAC and Shinji Araki of Appleseed will both be returning to helm the project.


Netflix Original series
Studio: David Production

Hiroshi Takashige’s 1988 manga series receives a new anime adaptation from studio David Production which will launch on Netflix worldwide at an unknown date.

Super Crooks

Netflix Original series
Studio: Bones

Studio Bones takes on an anime adaptation from Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted) and artist Leinil Francis Yu. Super Crooks anime was officially announced via a press release in March 2019, but Netflix themselves acquired the rights to Mark Millar’s Millarworld titles back in 2017.

Vampire in the Garden

Netflix Original series
Studio: WIT Studio

WIT Studio will provide an original anime series focusing on an unlikely friendship between two girls; one is human and the other is a vampire. Announced via Netflix press release in March 2019.


Netflix Original series
Studio: MAPPA

This anime project is a collaboration between American comic writer and director LeSean Thomas and studio MAPPA. Also joining the team is actor Lakeith Stanfield (Death Note, Get Out, Sorry to Bother You) voicing the main protagonist.

And that’s the list for the meantime. As mentioned we will be updating the post as soon as more titles are announced, so stay tuned!


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