J-Novel Club Adds Banner of the Stars, Crest of the Stars, Record of Wortenia War and More Novels to the Catalog!

Book publisher J-Novel Club has announced a selection of six titles to join their catalog of novels on their website. These titles were announced on Saturday 20th April during the Anime Boston and Sakura-Con convention weekend. These titles will be available on their website in batches, starting with a few parts of Volume 1 for each series.

The following titles announced were as follows:

Banner of the Stars & Crest of the Stars

(Seikai no Senki & Seikai no Monshou)

星界の戦旗 & 星界の紋章

Written by Hiroyuki Morioka & illustrated by Toshihiro Ono

In the far-distant future, mankind has traversed the stars and settled distant worlds. But no matter how advanced the technology of the future becomes, it seems the spacefaring nations cannot entirely shed their human nature. Jinto Lin finds this out the hard way when, as a child, his home world is conquered by the powerful Abh Empire: the self-proclaimed Kin of the Stars, and rulers of vast swaths of the known universe. As a newly-appointed member of the Abh’s imperial aristocracy, Jinto must learn to forge his own destiny in the wider universe while bearing burdens he never asked for, caught between his surface-dweller “Lander” heritage and the byzantine culture of the Abh, of which he is now nominally a member. A chance meeting with the brave-but-lonely Apprentice Starpilot Lafier aboard the Patrol Ship Goslauth will lead them both headfirst down a path of galaxy-spanning intrigue and warfare that will forever change the fate of all of humankind.

Middle-Aged Businessman Makes a Name for Himself in Another World Thanks to Goddess Power

(Around 40 Eigyou-man, Isekai ni Tatsu!: Megami Power de Jinsei Nidome no Nariagari)


Written by Sai Sumimori & illustrated by Ichijirushi

Record of Wortenia War

(Wortenia Senki)


Written by Ryouta Hori & illustrated by bob

Ryoma Mikoshiba, an ordinary high-schooler adept at martial arts, one day finds himself summoned to another world. The ones who summoned him, the O’ltormea Empire, cite the fact that ‘when those summoned kill another living being, they can absorb a fraction of their strength and make it their own’ as their reason. But upon learning the empire uses those they summon to strengthen themselves by foul means, Ryoma is consumed by hatred and slays an important member of the O’ltormean court. Attempting to escape the Empire’s borders while keeping his identity a secret, he is accosted by two twin sisters— one golden-haired, the other silver-haired— in a meeting that sets the gears of fate in motion. The curtain rises on a record of the wars of a young supreme ruler in this other world fantasy!

Seriously Seeking Sister! Ultimate Vampire Princess Just Wants Little Sister – Plenty of Service Will Be Provided

(Tonikaku Imouto ga Hoshii Saikyou no Kyuuketsu-hime wa Mujikaku Gohoushichuu)


Written by Hiironoame & illustrated by Shiso

Side-by-Side Dreamers

(Soine Dream)


Written by Iori Miyazawa & illustrated by Rin Marubeni

Saya Hokage, a high school girl who is unable to sleep due to insomnia, encounters Hitsuji Konparu, a girl who can put anyone to sleep as a “lover” in a dream. When Hitsuji’s senpai – Ran Aizome – sees potential in Saya, she ends up joining them and their group of Sleepwalkers. As it turns out, unbeknownst to the common citizens in their town, a battle has been unfolding between the Suiju – beings that possess people’s spirits in the land of sleep – and the Sleepwalkers, who have the power to move about freely in their dreams. Sleeping together as a team, Saya and her newfound group are doing a good job hunting Suiju. That is, until an unexpected darkness comes along… Will the girls be able defend humanity’s sleep?

With these six titles, J-Novel Club now has a total of 55 novels available on their services. Crest of the Stars, Record of Wortenia War, and Side-by-Side Dreamers are available to read right now.

In addition, the publisher has also announced plans to distribute print versions for An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride and Ascendance of a Bookworm for later this year, as well as triple volume hardcover omnibus sets for Crest of the Stars and Full Metal Panic! due later this year or sometime in early 2020.

Sources: J-Novel Club Website & Twitter


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