Crunchyroll to simulcast SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN and Try Knights


Streaming service Crunchyroll has announced plans to simulcast two more anime shows from the Summer 2019 season. These two started airing later than a majority of the shows (much like what Attack on Titan Season 3 did prior).

The titles joining the streaming service are SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN series and Try Knights. Both will be available for territories Worldwide outside of Asia.

SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN is the latest addition to the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and will be streaming on Friday 26th July at 10:00am BST with new episodes weekly. The series is animated by studio Sunrise.

About SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN (via Crunchyroll):

Nations once full of pride and glory are now in ruins after suffering great wars repeated over and over again, and it is an age in which the great land is covered in mountains of wreckage. Finally, just as the signs of restoration begin to be seen, a mysterious virus called the “Yellow Zombie Virus” has been spreading across the land for the past several years, and the infected, who lose their self of self, start attacking Mobile Suits one after the next.

In order to protect themselves from the infected coming to attack them, the remaining Mobile Suits are forced to live inside city strongholds. However, behind the fortifications, after the death of the former lord, the lord Dong Zhuo is as domineering as can be.

Try Knights will be streaming on Tuesday 30th July at 6:30pm BST with new episodes weekly. The series is animated by studio GONZO and is based on the 2018 manga series from Senzoku Erisawa and Shunsaku Yano.

Note: As the main previews are geo-locked on YouTube, you can view them on their official Twitter account.

About Try Knights (via Crunchyroll):

Haruma Riku begins high school with no future in sight. Then, in a passing glance, his attention is captured by the wild, animal-like movements of a student on the school’s athletic field. He jumps higher, runs faster, and tries harder than anyone Riku has ever seen. That student is Kariya Akira, and the sport he plays is the one Riku attempted in the past but gave up: rugby. As he watches Akira running in a rough, unrefined gait, Riku gives him a bit of advice without thinking, and those words end up setting his passion for rugby alight again. With this first encounter between these two young men, one tactical and the other physical, a new light begins to shine on Riku’s future.

Source: Crunchyroll


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