Funimation Now UK Adds King of Thorn, Live-Action Parasyte Films & More

Back in late May, US Distributor Funimation announced they had acquired the UK distributor Manga Entertainment. At that time, they revealed that they would be adding a number of titles for the UK on the streaming service Funimation Now. Since then we saw some titles appear and even reported that four of them would make an appearance a week ago.

We can confirm that those four titles we had mentioned prior; Afro Samurai, Black Butler II, Blood-C, and Deadman Wonderland are now available in its entirety after their show pages started to slowly add the content over the past week.

In addition, more titles were added that weren’t mentioned on the schedule and are available right now in their entirety.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection

A continuation of the 5 episode series by studio GONZO, the film is available in English audio. It has been available with Manga UK since 2009 and can be picked up on Blu-ray and DVD.

Afro Samurai avenged his father and found a life of peace, but the legendary master is forced back into the game by a beautiful and deadly woman from his past. The sparks of violence dropped along Afro’s bloody path now burn out of control – and nowhere are the flames of hatred more intense than in the eyes of Sio. She won’t quit until Afro is schooled in the brutal lessons he dealt those who stood in his way.

Blood-C: The Last Dark

A continuation of the 12 episode series by studio Production I.G, the film is available in English & Japanese audio. It has been available with Manga UK since 2014 and can be picked up on Blu-ray and DVD.

Saya is part human, part monster, and has one thing on her mind: REVENGE. Visions of twisted experiments and creatures slaughtering everyone she loved fuel her thirst for vengeance. With blade in hand and rage boiling in her veins, she tracks her tormentor to Tokyo where flesh-hungry beasts have begun to feed. There, she joins a group of young hackers hunting for the same man. As Saya slices her way through lies, traps, flesh, and bone, how much blood will she shed to cut down the mastermind behind her madness?

Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island

The 2010 live-action film was directed by Kim Tae-kyun and composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. The film is based on the 2002 Japanese manga series Higanjima by Kouji Matsumoto. It has been available with Manga UK since 2010 and can be picked up on Blu-ray and DVD.

Akira and his ragtag group of teenage friends begin a chilling adventure when they land on an uncharted island that’s overrun by vampires, gargoyles, and winged she-beasts. If they ever want to see the mainland again, the gang must face Miyabi, the pale, blood-sucking freakshow that commands the island’s monsters.

King of Thorn

The anime film was directed by Kazuyoshi Katayama and animated by studio Sunrise. The film is based on the 2002 Japanese manga series of the same name by Yuuji Iwahara. It has been available with Manga UK since 2013 and can be picked up on Blu-ray and DVD.

Panic spreads worldwide as the Medousa Virus threatens to wipe out the human race. Kasumi is one of 160 people chosen to be cryogenically frozen while a cure is found. When she awakens to find the facility overrun with thorny vines and ravenous monsters, Kasumi and six others struggle to survive this labyrinthine nightmare. If they survive, how long do they have to live?

Parasyte Parts 1 & 2

The 2014 & 2015 live-action films were directed by Takashi Yamazaki. The films are based on the 1989 Japanese manga series Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki. It has been available with Manga UK under the Animatsu label since 2016 and can be picked up on Blu-ray and DVD.

When a parasitic species suddenly invades, one of the creatures missed its mark. And in that moment, Shinichi Izumi’s life changed forever. While his brain was spared, his right arm was taken over by the parasite, Migi. Now, the two must learn to coexist while the rest of Migi’s kind attempt to take over the human race. Can Shinichi fight the invading species while maintaining his own humanity?

More titles including Naruto Shippuden will be coming to Funimation Now in the future for the United Kingdom and Ireland regions.


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