Anime Limited to Release Attack On Titan Soundtracks on Vinyl

After branching out into the world of Collectors Edition vinyl records with FLCL and upcoming releases of A Silent Voice, Trigun and Trigun: Badlands Rumble, distributor Anime Limited have confirmed a colossal addition to their music line-up: Hiroyuki Sawano’s scores for the first three seasons of Attack On Titan!

Announced during their second panel at October 2019’s MCM Comic Con, the company confirmed plans to release the vinyls during 2020. The distributor previously released the first season’s soundtrack on CD, which has long been out of print, as well as digitally on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play. We’ve reached out to Anime Limited asking about whether this release could be reprinted, or if the seasons’ soundtracks will also come to CD, and will update this article when we hear back.

Anime Limited also announced plans to release a box set for Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin parts V and VI, the final collection of the film series following their May 2018 release of films I-IV. The release will include the two films in a sturdy box, and a 68 page booklet. No release period was confirmed for this release during the panel.

During their Q&A session, the company also offered a brief update on Bartender, which they first announced at October 2018’s Comic Con. Although the release has been described as “way off”, due to the need to subtitle the show themselves, the materials received from Japan included a lot of cocktail recipes, which Anime Limited are looking into using (although whether this is for personal use, the release, or both, has yet to be clarified!).

The company previously announced InuYasha, Cardcaptor Sakura and more at their panel on Friday, as well as a new content deal with Channel 4’s streaming service, All 4.

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