Humble and Kodansha Offer Award Winning Manga in Bundle

Humble have created another bundle alongside Kodansha, this time offering some Award Winning Manga across it’s 5 tiers. As always, these are available for a fantastic price, and you get more from it, depending on the tier, or amount, you decide to pay. Of course, it wouldn’t be Humble if it didn’t also have the money go to some fantastic charities alongside Kodansha themselves, and you can choose who the money goes to and how much goes to each respectfully as well.

Humble lists the bundle starting as little as £1, and the highest tier being £16 this time round, with the total value of all in this bundle combined coming to a whopping £1500! So it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of reading material to keep you occupied during lockdown. These are all DRM-free and can be read on a wide range of devices and formats. Some of the titles include Love Hina, Space Brothers, and Parasyte, the full list of tiers and what you get is as follows:


£1 Tier

  • Space Brothers Volumes 1-5
  • Love Hina Omnibus 1
  • BECK Volumes 1-5

£6.50 or more

  • To Your Eternity Volumes 1-2
  • Descending Stories Volumes 1-5
  • Parasyte Volumes 1-2
  • Love Hina Omnibus 2
  • BECK Volumes 6-12

£12 or more

  • Your Lie in April Volumes 1-2
  • To Your Eternity Volumes 3-4
  • Space Brothers Volumes 6-15
  • Parasyte Volumes 3-4
  • Descending Stories Volumes 6-10
  • Love Hina Omnibus 3
  • BECK Volumes 13-19

£14.50 or more

  • Princess Jellyfish Volumes 1-4
  • Your Lie In April Volumes 3-5
  • To Your Eternity Volumes 5-8
  • Space Brothers Volumes 16-25
  • Parasyte Volumes 5-6
  • Love Hina Omnibus 4
  • BECK Volumes 20-26

£16 or more

  • Princess Jellyfish Volumes 5-9
  • Your Lie in April Volumes 6-11
  • To Your Eternity Volumes 9-11
  • Space Brothers Volumes 26-34
  • Parasyte Volumes 7-8
  • Love Hina Omnibus 5
  • BECK Volumes 24-34

The charities you can choose to support are the same as before –  Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organisation that covers legal expenses of comic creators/publishers/retailers, as well as American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a non-profit that seeks to defend and preserve the rights of everyone in the United States.

You can purchase the Humble Manga bundle to the tier of your choice here.

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