Get Spooked For Cheap With Humble and Kodansha’s Terrifying Tales Manga Bundle

The bundle wizards at Humble have done it again, teaming up with Kodansha to offer a bundle of spooky manga for a discounted price  As always, these are available across a variety of tiers, starting as low as 78p, and offering more titles the more you pay – maxing out at £15.71 for 135 volumes of manga.

As always, a portion of the proceeds go to charity – this time, benefitting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. According to Humble, the bundle is valued as a $1500.MSRP, and as always, you’re buying DRM-free, multi-format manga that’s yours to read on any device you fancy.

This year’s selection has got a great variety of titles, such as Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu and Dissolving Classroom from the horror great Junji Ito, and Happiness from the author of Flowers of Evil, and In/Spectre.

If you’re interested, you can click here to grab the bundle, or see below for the full tier list!

Humble Manga Bundle: Terrifying Tales Banner


  • PTSD Radio Volumes 1-5
  • Dragon Head Volumes 1-5
  • Kasane Volume 1-7
  • Gleipnir Volume 1

£6.28 or more

  • Kasane Volume 8-14
  • Dragon Head Volume 6-10
  • Until Your Bones Rot Volume 1-7
  • In/Spectre Volume 1
  • Princess Resurrection Volume 1-5

£7.85 or more

  • Inuyashiki Volumes 1-5
  • Starving Anonymous Volumes 1-7
  • Dolly Kill Kill Volume 1
  • In/Spectre Volumes 2-4
  • Princess Resurrection Volumes 6-10
  • Sankarea Volumes 1-5

£11.78 or more

  • Happiness Volumes 1-5
  • Inuyashiki Volumes 6-10
  • Fort of Apocalypse Volumes 1-7
  • In/Spectre Volumes 5-8
  • Princess Resurrection Volumes 11-15
  • Sankarea Volume 6-11
  • To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volume 1-4

£15.71 or more

  • Happiness Volumes 6-10
  • Can You Just Die My Darling Volumes 1-7
  • Museum Volume 1-3
  • Princess Resurrection Volumes 16-20
  • To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Volumes 5-7
  • In/Spectre Volumes 9-11
  • Princess Resurrection Nightmare Volumes 1-3
  • Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu Volume 1
  • Dissolving Classroom

You can purchase the Humble Manga bundle to the tier of your choice here.

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