Manga UK Offering AKIRA 4K Replacement Scheme in February

Manga Entertainment UK will be offering a replacement scheme for their recently released 4K UHD release of the iconic science fiction anime film AKIRA, the distributor’s parent company has announced.

Earlier this month, we reported that the highly anticipated release was presented in 4K SDR, as opposed to the full glory of 4K HDR, like the Japanese release was. However, Funimation are now offering replacement discs that will be available in February 2021. To apply, send an email to with “AKIRA 4K” as the subject. The email should provide your name, address and proof of purchase (a receipt, or confirmation email and photo of the disc). If you are unable to provide a receipt or confirmation, you will instead be advised to email your current disc back. Upon confirmation of your request, you’ll receive a return authorisation number, and the address to mail your faulty disc back if needed.

HDR allows for a wider range of colours to be displayed on a screen. Compatible films, TV, and games use this to present more detail in an image, most notably seen as brighter whites, darker blacks, and a generally more “colourful” image compared to SDR presentations.

Widely considered a landmark in anime and film history, Katsuhiro Otomo’s science fiction classic has been closely associated with the Manga UK brand, with the distributor have previously released AKIRA on a variety of formats including theatrical, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, digital, and even PlayStation UMD. This is the company’s first 4K Blu-ray release.

We contacted Manga UK at the time of our original report, but did not receive a response.

Source: Funimation

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