Anime Limited Reveals June 2023 Pre-orders with Gunbuster, One Piece Film: Red, Inu-Oh & More

With MCM London Comic Con wrapped up, Anime Limited have now revealed their June 2023 early bird line-up as well as some updates to their release schedule.

If you have yet to hear about what’s been revealed at MCM, we have a round-up available to view here!

Home Video Release Date Updates

For the release schedule, Looking for Magical Doremi has started shipping if you’ve pre-ordered the film through Anime Limited’s store but the rest of the retailers will get their hands on stock starting Monday 19th June. Princess Jellyfish has also started shipping early through the store and is on track for its release on Monday 12th June.

Last month’s early bird title The House of the Lost on the Cape is still scheduled for release on Monday 19th June, whilst JUNK HEAD is now listed for 14th August on AllTheAnime’s store.

Pompo: The Cinephile was originally planned for Monday 29th May but has now been pushed back to Monday 3rd July.

And last but not least if you weren’t interested in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Ultimate Edition but wanted the main titles featured, Anime Limited have scheduled the OVA sequel Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: STARGAZER in its collector’s edition Blu-ray format for Monday 19th June.

June 2023 Early Bird Line-up

This month’s early bird features no surprise announcements but we do get pre-order windows for two recently unveiled collector’s editions and three licensed films from months ago!

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Release Date: 24th July 2023

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko received a theatrical release across select locations last year, and now it’s finally heading to home video, presented as a collector’s edition Blu-ray package.

The early bird offer is £24.99 (£22.49 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders opened as of 1st June, so you can order the film right now on their online store.

Retailing for £39.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a Blu-ray case, 12-page booklet, 5 art cards and a poster. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles only.

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko (漁港の肉子ちゃん, Gyokō no Nikuko-chan) is an theatrical anime film adapted from Kanako Nishi’s 2014 novel of the same name. The film was directed by Ayumu Watanabe (Children of the Sea) and produced by STUDIO4°C (Tekkonkinkreet). Staff credits also feature writer Satomi Ooshima (Raven of the Inner Palace), character designer Kenichi Konishi (Bokurano) and music composed by Takatsugu Muramatsu (Lu Over the Wall).

“From acclaimed director Ayumu Watanabe and STUDIO4°C comes a heartwarming and moving comedy-drama with touches of magical realism. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is about an unconventional family and the bonds that they share in their sleepy seaside town.

Brash single mother Nikuko is well-known for her bold spirit, much to the embarrassment of Kikuko, her pensive yet imaginative daughter. In contrast to her mother, Kikuko wants nothing more than to fit in as she navigates the everyday social dramas of middle school. Life in the harbor is peaceful until a shocking revelation from the past threatens to uproot the pair’s tender relationship.”


Release Date: 24th July 2023

Masaaki Yuasa’s latest film was first acquired by Anime Limited back in June 2020 in anticipation of its inclusion at Annecy under their Work in Progress Features programme. With a theatrical release across the UK last year, INU-OH is now heading to home video, presented as a collector’s edition Blu-ray package.

The early bird offer is £24.99 (£22.49 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders will begin on Thursday 8th June.

Retailing for £39.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a Blu-ray case, 40-page artbook, 3 art cards, an A3 poster, and a replica Shikishi art card. The AllTheAnime online store will also include 5 exclusive art cards. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles and the NYAV Post English dub commissioned by GKIDS.

INU-OH (犬王) is an theatrical anime film adapted from Hideo Furukawa’s Tales of the Heike: Inu-Oh story. The film was directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Devilman Crybaby) and produced by Science SARU (Japan Sinks: 2020). Staff credits also feature writer Akiko Nogi (I Am a Hero live-action), original character designer Taiyo Matsumoto (Ping Pong), character designer Nobutake Ito (Tatami Time Machine Blues) and music composed by Yoshihide Otomo (Lupin Zero).

“Inu-oh is born with unique physical characteristics, and the horrified adults cover every inch of his body with garments, including a mask on his face. One day, he meets a boy named Tomona, a blind biwa player, and as Tomona plays a delicate song of tangled fate, Inu-oh discovers an incredible ability to dance. Inu-oh and Tomona become business partners and inseparable friends, using their creative gifts to survive on the margins of society, as song after song gain them notoriety and propel them to stardom. Through the songs, Inu-oh mesmerizes his audiences on stage, and gradually begins to transform into someone of unequaled beauty. But why is Tomona blind? Why was Inu-oh born with unique characteristics? It is a story about the friendship of Inu-oh and Tomona, who dance and sing to get to the truth and break each other’s curse.”


Release Date: 28th August 2023

The highly anticipated release for Gunbuster is now making its return to the UK as a collector’s edition Blu-ray package which was recently unveiled at their MCM London panel.

The early bird offer is £29.99 (£27 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders will begin on Thursday 15th June.

Retailing for £49.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a Blu-ray case, 48-page artbook and a double-sided A3 poster. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles and the Sound Cadence Studios English dub commissioned by Discotek Media.

Gunbuster (トップをねらえ!, Toppu o Nerae!) is an OVA anime series directed by Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and produced by studio GAINAX (Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water). Staff credits also feature writers Hideaki Anno, Toshio Okada (Otaku no Video) and Hiroyuki Yamaga (Mahoromatic), original character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross 7), character designer Toshiyuki Kubooka (Lunar: The Silver Star video game) and music composed by Kōhei Tanaka (Sakura Wars video game).

“When the space aliens killed Noriko Takaya’s father, she swore she’d go into space to have her revenge. Yet being accepted into the prestigious Okinawa Girls’ Space Pilot High School doesn’t solve every problem. Looked down upon as the daughter of the admiral who lost, and having a stark lack of talent that prevents her from piloting a machine, Noriko’s hopes for the future don’t seem bright.

But then, when the two candidates going into space are announced, Noriko’s surprised to find her name right next to the star of the school (and Noriko’s own idol), Kazumi Amano. Has Noriko’s hard work paid off? Or is there more to Coach Ohta’s reasons for selecting her? Most of all, is Noriko really ready for the horrors of space? Find out in Aim for the Top!: Gunbuster, a true masterpiece of anime history, and Hideaki Anno’s directorial debut!”

Eternal 831

Release Date: 10th July 2023

Announced late last year with a surprise theatrical release, Anime Limited are releasing the CG film Eternal 831 for the United Kingdom & Ireland (as well as France) for home video, and here we have a collector’s edition Blu-ray package.

The early bird offer is £24.99 (£22.49 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders will begin on Thursday 22nd June.

Retailing for £39.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a Blu-ray case, 16-page booklet and 4 art cards. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles only.

Eternal 831 (永遠の831, Eien no Hachisanichi) is an original television anime film directed and written by Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and produced by Craftar (The Relative Worlds). Staff credits also feature character designer Kōichirō Kawano (Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation) and music composed by Go Shiina (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba).

“In the present day, the world is in turmoil due to an “unprecedented disaster”. A young man living in Tokyo, Suzushiro, has a secret he cannot tell anyone. That secret is that he can stop the time around him despite his thoughts. One day, he meets a girl named Nazuna who has the same “power”. When he learns that she is being used in a crime, he impulsively reaches out to help her. Will the two be able to get time that has stopped to start moving again?”

One Piece Film: Red

Release Date: 7th August 2023

Also recently unveiled at MCM London was the collector’s edition release for One Piece Film: Red, which is also heading to the 4K Ultra HD format!

The early bird offer is £49.99 (£44.99 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders will begin on Thursday 29th June. The collector’s edition is also exclusive to AllTheAnime’s online store, whilst the standard edition Blu-ray & DVDs will be available across all retailers.

Retailing for £79.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a 4K UHD case and a Blu-ray case, a 40-page Booklet, a Numbered Concert Ticket, A3 Poster, Vinyl Sticker and 3 art cards. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles and the Crunchyroll English dub.

In addition, we also have more information on the on-disc content. The 4K Ultra HD disc will feature Japanese Dolby Atmos and English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 as well as Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range. The discs will also include English SDH subtitles and Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 with English audio description for more accessibility.

There’s also an additional Blu-ray disc that will include three episodes from the One Piece anime series that focused on the character Uta; Episode 1029: A Faint Memory! Luffy and Red-Haired’s Daughter Uta!, Episode 1030: A Pledge for the New Genesis! Luffy and Uta! and the TV Special: The Captain’s Log of the Legend! ‘Red-Haired’ Shanks!. These episodes are presented in Japanese audio with English subtitles only. Interestingly the inclusion of these episodes also marks the show’s first HD Blu-ray appearance in the UK as Crunchyroll decided to keep the series DVD only compared to North America which is now presented as a combo pack (select films did receive a Blu-ray release by Manga Entertainment & Funimation).

Also included alongside the TV episodes is an Interview with the film’s director Goro Taniguchi, Trailers and a Web Preview. For those who want to view these extras and can’t afford the 4K collector’s edition, the distributor has confirmed the bonus disc will also be available in the standard edition Blu-ray set.

One Piece Film: Red is the 15th theatrical film for the One Piece franchise, produced by Toei Animation and adapted from Eiichiro Oda’s manga. For this instalment, it was directed and storyboarded by Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) with writer Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film: Gold), character designer Masayuki Sato (One Piece Film: Strong World) and music composed by Yasutaka Nakata.

This wraps up the latest early bird line-up. Don’t forget that Anime Limited will also ship the titles early if stock arrives before the release date and they have their Anime (Un)Limited membership to get 10% off the titles on their store.

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