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New Full Metal Panic Manga

Monthly Dragon Age magazine announced on Friday that Tetsuro Kasahara from Rideback will launch the tentatively titled Full Metal Panic! 0 manga in the following issue on December 8. Kashara…

• 9th November 2012

Third Full Metal Panic! series confirmed

A third Full Metal Panic! series has been confirmed and is set to be directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto.

Despite Takemoto having helmed the comedy dominated ‘Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu!’,…

• 31st October 2004
Anime Review

Full Metal Panic Volume 7

Full Metal Panic! #7 is the concluding volume of what has been another underwhelming piece of eye candy from the popular GONZO animation studio. There has been no real sense of suspense or drama…

• 20th October 2004
Anime Review

Full Metal Panic Volume 6

With Full Metal Panic now nearing its climax, both the character development and action have been stepped up in this volume, resulting in a much more exciting and tension-filled few episodes.…

• 18th August 2004
Interview with Shouji Gatou

Interview with Shouji Gatou

Interview with Shouji Gatou
During the MCM Comic-con Event back on the 25th - 27th of May, Anime Limited brought over their Anime Guest of Honour, Shouji Gatou to talk about and promote Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory  - the latest series in the franchise after 13 years. Shouji Gatou is known for writing the original novels for Full Metal Panic!, Amagi Brilliant Park, and for working on the screenplay for Hyouka, amongst others. We get the chance to sit down and have a chat with Gatou-san around his works.
• 18th June 2018