Manga Review

Oninagi Volume 1

Nanami Kushimiya is fifteen years old, she’s looking forward to starting high school this spring time, and has found out that her junior high love Kazuto Sanjouin is also going to the same…

• 3rd June 2010
Anime Review

Gurren Lagann Volume 2

First, a warning. This review contains a couple of major spoilers for the *first* volume of Gurren Lagann because, well, I don’t see how I could possibly review this volume without doing…

• 3rd January 2010
Anime Review

Gurren Lagann Volume 1

Gurren Lagann is not the best anime ever made.

There, I’ve said it.

On the surface, Gurren Lagann isn’t even particularly original. Go Nagai was doing “Over the top manly super…

• 16th August 2009
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 5

Of course, you’re unlikely to be reading this with much conviction that you’ll actually by the series if it gets a good review if you haven’t already been convinced by the series, but…

• 4th January 2009
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 4

A maternity test handed to Masane at the beginning of this volume reveals that she is not, in fact – as had seemed to be the case, but never firmly stated – Rihoko’s biological…

• 20th December 2008
Anime Review

Burst Angel: Infinity

As far as I can recall I’ve only seen glimpses of Burst Angel before so fans of the series will have to forgive me for my lack of Burst Angel knowledge. I may have actually seen a couple of episodes…

• 16th November 2008
Manga Review

Negima!: Magister Negi Magi

It’s that time of year again. Thousands of children graduating from school and moving on to see what life has in store. Although at this Welsh school, things are a bit different. With the ceremony…

• 13th September 2008
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 3

In the last volume reporter-hopeful Tozawa discovered Masane’s secret, and forced her into a partnership, aiding his research into the X-con and Cloneblade (Neogene) murders throughout…

• 28th August 2008
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 2

After being confronted with women possessing similar powers and appearance as herself when transformed by the Witchblade, Masane returns to her partners in the Douji Group conglomerate to …

• 22nd April 2008
Anime Review

Witchblade Volume 1

A narrative prologue that plays before the opening theme in each episode does a pretty good job of summarising the essential story of Witchblade; an ancient weapon sought for all time, but capable…

• 2nd March 2008
Anime Review

Tenjho Tenge Volume 5

The fallout from Shin’s defeat marks the end for Team Katana but he is determined to form a new club and keep himself in the running for the competition that decides the new head of the Council. …

• 24th September 2007
Anime Review

Tenjho Tenge Volume 4

The flashback section of the story reaches its conclusion with Shin’s rage going out of control and threatening the safety of friends and enemies alike. This culminates in a dramatic showdown…

• 25th July 2007
Anime Review

Sorcerer Hunters

With an 18 certificate and character names like Chocolate and Carrot, you should pretty much get what you expect when buying this volume of Sorcerer Hunters – a collection of three episodic…

• 26th April 2007
Anime Review

Tenjho Tenge Volume 3

The showdown in the bowling alley comes to a dramatic conclusion while Maya begins to recount her early days at the school with Team Katana and its leader (incidently, her brother) Shin Natsume.…

• 4th April 2007
Anime Review

Burst Angel Volume 6

As RAPT and the shadowy force that back it seize control of Tokyo, Sei’s allies force her to disband her mercenary team and start working for the enemy she had previously been fighting against.…

• 28th December 2006
Anime Review

Elfen Lied Volume 4

Smashing into the UK with a frightening reputation for extreme physical and psychological violence, Elfen Lied never fails to live up to its name and ends just as controversially as it began. …

• 30th November 2006
Anime Review

Elfen Lied Volume 3

Again Elfen Lied denies it’s pretty style and delivers a trio of episodes that are anything but. Subverting the look of its cute characters, it clearly delights in extreme mental and physical…

• 29th November 2006