Podcast XI – Clan Aid!

By special request of Otaku-san, we take time out from our usual diet of blood, guts and carnage to discuss popular visual novel adaptation, Clannad. Along with the original series we’ll also be talking about Clannad: The Motion Picture and AUKN’s number 2 series of the past decade, Clannad: After Story!

Joining us for this episode is MaxonTrek, who will be helping us avoid nice boats and doing his best to explain all that is good about the clan, while our own VivisQueen will mostly be expressing her displeasure at the whole thing in no uncertain terms.

This episode contains strong language from the outset, mostly due to the inclusion of a… ‘unique’ remix as our opening theme. There will also be spoilers, but they all happen after the 29 minute mark and there will be a final warning before we get into those.

00.00IntroClannad’s Dango Daikazoku Rap Remix ft. Busta Rhymes

06.55The Review! We give an overview of our thoughts on Clannad as a whole, touching on its place in the AUKN poll, the Japanese idea of a delinquent and the most kawaii shape of skull.

29.00The Discussion! We get down to brass tacks and think about why it worked (or not), focusing more on the developments of After Story, the show’s supernatural element and how much better it all would have been with more tigers.

1.13.00The Motion Picture! In which I talk briefly about the final film Osamu Dezaki directed before his tragic passing. May contain burning passion.

1.28.00OutroDango Daikazoku Rap (Reprise)

Massive thanks also due to Sy for his help with the editing on this one.

Download it from iTunes.