Nakama Britannica Episode 23 – HIDIVE into the 80’s (and 70’s)

Nakama Britannica is back again (kept you waiting, huh?) – this time with an installment from the past. Arbalest and Professor Irony take a trip back to the 70s and 80s through the latest streaming platform HIDIVE to discover more of what that era brought us. First off they dive straight in with Legend of the Galactic Heroes, the show which brought the Space Opera genre into the forefront before tackling a show about time travelling 50 years into the future, Urashiman. Finally they take a trip to a little show some might have heard of, Gatchaman. We’re not talking about the latest rendition in Crowds, but the original 1970s show as it was released in Japan, and not Battle of the Planets as it was here.

So join us down memory lane as we learn more about the shows of yesteryear:

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02.30 – Daisuki Pines for the Fjords

05.45 – The Legend of the Galactic Heroes gets an official release

27.45 – Got an Urashiman or Urashimen in your house? Call the Future Police

36.40 – “Gatcha, man”.

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