HIDIVE Apps Now Available for iOS and Android

After a long delay, apps are now beginning to appear for the new streaming service.

HIDIVE began launching their legal streaming service back in June 2017, and ever since more titles and fixes to their Beta website have been added. They also confirmed that app support would be coming but no exact release date was specified. Recently, they began teasing that the app support would finally be making its appearance and now we can confirm that some devices can now access the HIDIVE app!

The HIDIVE app is now available for iOS and Android smartphone devices for free, and much like the website browser version the Freemium owners can watch the episodes without hassle (and with ads but it’s Sentai adverts which is better than you would expect!). The Premium owners can access their latest anime episodes and exclusive titles on the device as well.

Here’s a link to the iTunes Store for the iOS owners – we can confirm that it’s also accessible for tablets/iPad owners as well. And here’s a link to the Google Play Store for the Android owners.

We have taken some screencaps of what the app on iOS phones looks like!

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HIDIVE have confirmed that app support for PlayStation 4 is in the works but given the teasing it could be made available sooner than we think.


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