Devilman Crybaby Rated 18 uncut/uncensored by the BBFC

Recently Netflix released their first Anime Original series with Devilman Crybaby from director Masaaki Yuasa and studio Science SARU as part of their big push for anime titles to be released on the platform throughout 2018 and beyond. What has been interesting throughout the past couple of years is Netflix have every anime from their Originals line-up rated by the British Board of Film Classification. Bear in mind that this is just for Video on Demand as the home video distributors will need to re-rate the series for Blu-ray or theatrical.

Usually we don’t cover the BBFC ratings, unless it’s an 18-rated title because they are often quite interesting to bring up. Some have been surprises like with Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls and The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 1. But today Devilman Crybaby joins the 18-rated anime list!

For those who aren’t aware, the Devilman franchise created by Go Nagai has been known for its extreme violence and sexual nature. In fact the original OVAs distributed by Manga Entertainment, known as Devilman: The Birth and Devilman: The Demon Bird, were released here in the UK on VHS with an 18 uncut rating also (and an amazing so-bad-it’s-good English dub). For Crybaby, the series was mostly a 15 but because of the amount of strong sex shown within the first two episodes it ended up increasing the rating to an 18 overall.

Here’s the details for each episode and the reason for the ratings:

  • Episode 01 – 18 – strong sex, bloody violence
  • Episode 02 – 18 – strong sex
  • Episode 03 – 15 – strong violence, sexualised nudity
  • Episode 04 – 15 – strong gory violence
  • Episode 05 – 15 – strong sex
  • Episode 06 – 15 – strong violence, sex
  • Episode 07 – 15 – strong sex, violence
  • Episode 08 – 15 – strong language, violence
  • Episode 09 – 15 – strong violence
  • Episode 10 – 15 – strong violence

Worth noting that all of the episodes have been approved in its original uncut and uncensored form so once the series gets licensed for home video there won’t be any concern over cuts or anything.

Devilman Crybaby is available in its entirety exclusively on Netflix in both English & Japanese audio with English subtitles as well as other dub & subtitle languages in various territories. A spin-off collaboration series Cyborg 009 vs Devilman is also available on Netflix if you want some more Devilman anime fun.

You can even checkout the original Devilman source material coming from Seven Seas as well as other Devilman properties; Devilman vs Hades and Devilman Grimoire. While the franchise hasn’t been released on DVD here in the UK you can check out Discotek Media’s huge catalogue of Go Nagai works including the Devilman TV series which will work on UK players.

If you’re interested in extreme violent and sexual anime that did get cut by the BBFC we wrote a feature piece a while back covering anime from the Anime Nasties era!


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