Silver Spoon Season 2 Review

With news that the Silver Spoon manga is due to come to an end in a few chapters, fans are now excitedly hoping for a third anime season to cover the rest of the material. However, before we look at the future, it’s time to revisit the second season of Silver Spoon, which Anime Limited have brought to the UK. Is it still worth your time? Let’s find out!

The season begins in true Silver Spoon fashion, with Hachiken getting up at a ridiculous time of the morning to take care of his daily chores at Ooezo Agricultural High School. With some of his seniors leaving the Equestrian Club behind, Hachiken gets appointed the new vice-president which brings him plenty to be worried about!

To add to his worries, Hachiken also spots a tense conversation between Mikage and Komaba which leaves Mikage in tears. Komaba tells Hachiken not to butt in and with Mikage also refusing to elaborate on the conversation, Hachiken’s left worrying about both of his close friends. With the Ooezo Agricultural Festival also fast approaching, he’s roped into helping his classmates out more than ever before but will the stress prove too much for our protagonist?

From the synopsis alone, it’s fair to say that Hachiken’s life is a whirlwind of emotions this season, but that’s certainly one of the best things about Silver Spoon. One of the things I love about this series is how it represents real life. It balances the highs and lows well, showing that even if life isn’t always going to plan, there is happiness around the corner. Having said that, it has no intentions of sugar-coating reality either and some of the problems Hachiken’s friends face just can’t be solved, despite how hard he tries.

While a lot of this set of episodes revolves around character drama, it still finds plenty of time to spend time with the animals we have come to love from Season 1. Now that Hachiken is vice-president of the Equestrian Club he enters into his first competition with Maron, the white horse many will remember from Season 1. From competing, Hachiken begins to understand what it means to work with horses, entrusting your life to them and aiming for similar goals and why Mikage loves them so much.

When it comes to the animals, one of my favourite elements of this set of Silver Spoon is the introduction of ‘Vice Prez’, an abandoned puppy that Hachiken finds and adopts. Through this adoption the Equestrian Club gains itself a guard dog, while our protagonist learns what it means to keep a dog. It’s not long before he’s trained up Vice Prez to be a loyal addition to the club who is quickly beloved by the students and teachers alike.

If you loved the previous 11 episodes of Silver Spoon, then there is nothing that’s going to change that here. The characters, story and setting are all as compelling and polished as they were before and if you’re invested in the individual characters, you won’t be disappointed.

Silver Spoon continues to be animated by A-1 Pictures for its second season and as before, the animation is wonderful. It’s bright and colourful, bringing the world to life, and the characters are expressive and easy on the eye. I especially loved the watercolour-style animation for the ending.
The composer and voice actors also continue to be the same for this set and all do a fantastic job. The opening for this season is “Life” by Fujifabric and the ending theme is “Oto no Naru Eo e” by Goose House. I found the opening to be forgettable (I didn’t even remember it from when I first watched the series), but I loved the ending theme both musically and for its artwork. The track depicts the cast of Silver Spoon enjoying their school days with both one another and the animals they’re so fond of. It’s very uplifting and fun to watch.

As previously mentioned, Silver Spoon Season 2 comes to the UK thanks to Anime Limited who have released it in the form of a Blu-ray collector’s edition. The set includes all 11 episodes of Season 2 with clean opening and ending videos as well as 5 art cards and a poster.

Overall, this season of Silver Spoon continues to offer the fascinating, entertaining and delightful series we know and love. A coming-of-age story complete with lovable animal antics, this series is not to be missed and belongs in everyone’s collection.

10 / 10


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