Calling all Anime Fans! A New Kickstarter from JETRO (the Japan External Trade Organization)

These Indie Anime Studios Need Your Help to Bring Their Passion Projects to Life

This year, JETRO (the Japan External Trade Organization) is supporting small anime studios in Japan to give them a shot at funding to share their passion projects with the world.

As part of the project, five anime studios will launch crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for their anime productions. Read on to learn about these five unique anime studios and their projects, and see how you can help!

Get Notified When the Projects Go Live:

Learn More About the Anime Studios’ New Projects:

  1. New Film – STUDIO4
  2. The Last Diviner – Public Arts
  3. Samurai Pirates – Picona Creative Studio
  4. The Top Loft – Gorilla
  5. Heike Monogatari Emaki – EKURA ANIMAL


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