Anime Limited Reveals July 2023 Pre-orders with Love Live! Superstar!! & Gundam Build Fighters

Just before the month of June had concluded, Anime Limited posted a newswire for what they have in store for their July 2023 early bird line-up.

As a quick reminder, One Piece Film: Red has started its early bird run on Thursday 29th June and will still be available at its early bird price throughout the month of July. You can view the listings here for both the shop exclusive collector’s edition and the standard edition sets, the latter of which will soon be available to order as well.

This month’s early bird once again features no surprise announcements and instead just two shows scheduled for release in August & September respectively.

Love Live! Superstar!! Season 1

Release Date: 21st August 2023

The first season of Love Live! Superstar!! has now finally been dated for release in the UK, after Funimation have already released theirs for a long while. The UK home video release will be presented as a collector’s edition Blu-ray package.

The early bird offer is £39.99 (£35.99 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders will begin on Thursday 20th July.

Retailing for £69.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a Blu-ray case, 12-page booklet, and 7 art cards. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles and the Funimation English dub.

Love Live! Superstar!! (ラブライブ!スーパースター!!) is a 2021 television anime series and the fourth Love Live! series after 2013’s School Idol Project, 2016’s Sunshine!! and 2020’s Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. The series was directed by Takahiko Kyogoku (GATE) and produced by Bandai Namco Filmworks (also known as Sunrise), with staff credits also including writer Jukki Hanada (Love Live!), character designer Atsushi Saitō (Black Fox) and music composed by Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Land of the Lustrous).

“The first students have arrived at Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, a new academy built on the crossroads of Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama. With no history, no upperclassmen to rely on, and no name to speak of, this school’s totally starting from scratch!

In the midst of this, a team of five girls led by Kanon Shibuya discover “school idols.”

So the hopes of these stars, still small in stature, begin to accumulate…and so begins the “School Idol Project” of five girls with a blank slate and infinite potential.”

Gundam Build Fighters Part 1

Release Date: 18th September 2023

Recently announced at MCM London in May 2023, Gundam Build Fighters will soon be available for pre-order and will continue the Gundam Collection collector’s edition Blu-ray style.

However, it appears the distributor has decided to split the series into two parts compared to previous Gundam instalments (Nozomi Entertainment also released the series as a complete set in 2016). Part 1 will cover episodes 1-12 and will be presented across two discs (which indicates it will not be using the US masters either, as they had used 3 discs in total).

The early bird offer is £39.99 (£35.99 for Anime Unlimited members) and pre-orders will begin on Thursday 27th July.

Retailing for £69.99 SRP, the set includes a rigid box with a Blu-ray case. Part 2 will include a booklet which is scheduled for a later date. Audio options include Japanese with English subtitles.

Gundam Build Fighters (ガンダムビルドファイターズ) is a 2013 television anime series produced by Sunrise, which focuses on the Gundam model (Gunpla) compared to other instalments in the long-running franchise. The series was directed by Kenji Nagasaki (No. 6), with staff credits also including writer Yōsuke Kuroda (Goblin Slayer, Mobile Suit Gundam 00), character designer Kenichi Ōnuki (Golden Kamuy) and music composed by Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia).

“The time is the near future. Years have passed since the 1980s, when “Gunpla” — plastic models based on the “Mobile Suit Gundam” animation — created a huge boom.

Now, a new wave is sweeping the world, in what could be called a second Gunpla boom. Its popularity is driven by “Gunpla Battle,” in which assembled Gunpla can be controlled and made to fight. With the introduction of this revolutionary Battle System, its popularity has expanded to the point that a Gunpla Battle World Tournament is held each year.

The main character of the story, Sei Iori, is a young Gunpla builder who loves Gunpla and dreams of entering the Gunpla Battle World Tournament. As the only heir to a hobby shop, he has high Gunpla building abilities, but he doesn’t know how to control them in battle and is continually defeated in the opening rounds of tournaments. When he meets Reiji, a mysterious boy with superb Gunpla control skills, they team up to take on the World Tournament.

Sei, the Gunpla builder. Reiji, the Gunpla fighter. Sei builds, and Reiji battles.

They’re the Build Fighters everyone is talking about! Their goal is to enter the Gunpla Battle World Tournament — and win!”

Source: AllTheAnime Blog Newswire


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