I'm a long-time anime and Japanese film and culture fan who has lived in the country and is studying Japanese in an effort to become fluent. I write about films, anime, and work on various things.

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Trailer for Live-Action Corpse Party

A trailer for the live-action movie adaptation of Corpse Party has been released by 5pb.

The Corpse Party movie is based on the famous horror game franchise which has spawned manga and anime adaptations.…

• 27th May 2015

Touhou Games Coming the the West?

Long time anime fans will have heard of Touhou and probably know just how much of a sprawling franchise it is with legions of fans making music, art, and games dedicated to the mystical witches, …

• 26th May 2015

Bakuman Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer has been released on the official site for the live-action adaptation of the manga Bakuman. Viewers can see the actors Takeru Satoh and Ryunosuke Kamiki play Moritaka Mashiro…

• 21st May 2015

New Cyborg 009 Anime fo 2015

A new Cyborg 009 anime is in production to celebrate 50 years since Shotaro Ishinomori first created the manga.

The original manga was launched in 1964 and became massively popular but remained…

• 14th May 2015