Rui can usually be found on the Anime UK Forums ready to leap in and converse with anyone else as passionate about historical anime (fantasy or otherwise). There is apparently some debate around whether Rui is an actual person or some kind of experimental anime-obsessed A.I.

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Summer Preview 2017

Summer Preview 2017

Summer Preview 2017

The 2017 Summer Simulcast Season is underway! But how many of the series that we’ve been looking forward to are actually available for us to watch legally in the UK? Welcome to the Ballroom was the…

AUKN Staff • 26th July 2017

An interview with Kotoyo Noguchi

Kotoyo Noguchi is an independent manga artist, illustrator and designer based in Japan. To date she has published two volumes of her Life with Mii: Everyday Cat Stories (Shirokuro Neko Manga) …

• 12th December 2015

An interview with Mariko Hihara

Mariko Hihara is an experienced Japanese author who has written over fifty novels, primarily in the boys’ love/yaoi and fantasy genres, as well as scripts for several manga. She has been…

• 11th December 2015
Anime Review

Black Butler

This review is for the theatrical release of the live action Black Butler movie. 

It used to be the case that UK fans could only dream of being able to watch the live action adaptations of their favourite…

• 16th October 2014

New Anime Releases 11/05/2009

Releases for monday are:

Divergence Eve: Complete Collection – RRP £24.99

Gravion: Complete Collection – RRP£24.99

Cutie Honey (Live Action) – RRP £15.99

Slayers: Next…

• 8th May 2009