Manga Review

Claymore Volume 1

Norihiro Yagi’s ‘Claymore’ (クレイモア) is a dark and brooding story chronicling the journey of Claire, a Claymore (a half-breed of Human and Yoma), through her miserable job of destroying Yoma, …

• 24th June 2008
Manga Review

MPD Psycho: Volumes 1 – 4

MPD Psycho’s protagonist Kazuhiko Amamiya and his multiple personality disorder – with one personality indeed being a bit of psycho – proves to be a blessing and curse for new readers. In one sense…

• 19th May 2008
Anime Review

Ergo Proxy Volume 5

The story of Ergo Proxy had always split its attention between the events within the domed city of Romdo, a cold, mechanical dystopia closed off from the world, and the bleak surroundings leading…

• 10th May 2008
Anime Review

Ergo Proxy Volume 4

Having decided to continue her search for the truth with Vincent, Re-l prepares for the journey ahead, but her AutoReiv companion, Iggy, defies his orders to return home, as the suggestion in …

• 4th May 2008
Anime Review

Ergo Proxy Volume 3

After hesitantly giving the last volume an eight to match the first, and indicate that the series was still largely on track, this volume has, unfortunately, made all too real some of my worst anxieties.…

• 20th April 2008
Anime Review

Golgo 13: The Professional

I don’t know whether I’d be speaking too harshly of Golgo 13: The Professional in saying how bad it is. Make no mistake, it IS bad, but the fact that it’s a quarter of a century …

• 5th January 2008
Anime Review

Ergo Proxy Volume 2

This volume is largely set outside the city of Romdo, in the desolate outskirts that citizens of the oppressive regime believe are uninhabitable. Vincent Law – having fled the Romdo government’s…

• 2nd November 2007
Anime Review

Ergo Proxy Volume 1

Ergo Proxy appears, from first impressions, to be a uniquely thoughtful and reflective series, conceived within the framework of a Westernised vision of a conversely utopian and dystopian …

• 28th October 2007
Anime Review


In the near-future it has become possible to observe and record the workings of the unconscious mind through a new cutting-edge technology. A scientific research team has discovered a way to …

• 29th September 2007
Anime Review

Tokko Volume 2

This one really surprised me. After giving the last volume a five, and almost foregoing description of the plot (because of how basic and conventional it was), the series has returned with many…

• 28th July 2007
Anime Review

Tokko Volume 1

The opening of Tokko’s first volume begins with images of the mundane and the supernatural being interwoven, culminating in the presence of a bloody and rampaging demon walking the streets during…

• 31st March 2007
Anime Review

Patlabor 2

By the year 2002, giant construction robots called labors have become commonplace, and the police have their own unit to counter labor-related crime – the Special Vehicles Section. Now though,…

• 22nd March 2007
Anime Review

Texhnolyze Volume 5

Having travelled up from their underground city at the centre of the world, Ichise and the Doc look upon Earth’s surface world for the very first time – this episode is called “Heaven…

• 28th November 2006
Anime Review

Gilgamesh Volume 2

I think I came into Gilgamesh with my expectations tweaked a little too high. After spending days gazing in awe at the moody DVD cover art, I suppose I was expecting something a little more”…

• 28th August 2006
Anime Review

Riding Bean

Before Kenichi Sonoda made his name with Gunsmith Cats, Yasuo Hasegawa directed the first episode of his story of a tough-as-nails Chicago courier named Bean Bandit. Sadly the series was never…

• 22nd July 2006