More Catalogue titles join HIDIVE for UK Streaming

A combination of live-action and anime are now available!

HIDIVE have been teasing a fair amount of new catalogue titles as well as English dub additions for their service. Unfortunately a fair amount have been available solely for the United States and Canada (examples include Beyond the Boundary -I’ll Be Here-, Space Runaway Ideon, and Squid Girl) but the good news is that these lot listed below are all available for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Some of them may be exclusive to Premium members only so just be aware of that.

Just to recap, HIDIVE is the latest legal streaming service for the English territories by offering both anime and live-action Japanese content in SD & HD formats as well as English dubs (when available) and also the uncensored home video masters (when available). The service is available for free with ad support or under their Premium membership for $3.99 per month with an extra $1 more for 1080p support. Apps including PlayStation 4 support are coming soon.

Haikyu!! Season 1 (English Dub)

When small-statured Hinata finds himself on the same team as his rival “King of the Court” Tobio Kageyama, they will have to learn to work together if they want to succeed!

All of the episodes were already available, but now you can watch the first season dubbed in English being added weekly every Wednesday!

Kino’s Journey

Accompanied by the talking motorcycle Hermes, Kino travels across the globe, exploring the beauty and cruelty that the world and its people have to offer. Armed with weapons and a piercing tongue, Kino embarks on a journey unlike any other.

With the new 2017 anime adaptation now here, the 2003 anime series is available on the service in both English & Japanese with English subtitles!

Locodol OVA

The girls from Locodol get a visit from the Awa Awa Girls on their day off. They then decide to go on a tour of Nagarekawa but they soon realize that the town lacks any tourist attractions.

With the main series already available, the special OVA episode is now available in Japanese with English subtitles.

Lone Wolf & Cub (TV Show)

Executioner Ogami Itto was framed for treason, and his wife and household were murdered. Now he travels the land seeking vengeance, taking his young son with him in a baby carriage. Based on the famous manga by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima.

Based on the classic manga series written by Kazuo Koike, this TV adaptation from 1973-1976 will be available on the service with all 78 episodes in Japanese with English subtitles for Premium members with episodes added weekly every Wedneday.

Samurai Punisher

When the rich, powerful, and corrupt of feudal Japan seem to be above the law, dedicated civil servants like Mondo Nakamura cuts them down to size while moonlighting as an assassin with his partners Jo and Tetsu!

This classic samurai show I believe is the 1979 series Hissatsu Shigotonin (you can correct me on this), but it’s available in Japanese with English subtitles for Premium members with episodes added weekly every Friday.

To Heart 2

Takaaki and Konomi have been friends since they were kids, but now that they’re in high school, things are changing. And with the arrival of his OTHER female childhood friend, Tamaki, things quickly get complicated.

Based on the Aquaplus visual novel, the anime adaptation of To Heart 2 is now available on the service in Japanese with English subtitles only.

Stay tuned for any future updates on HIDIVE! We’ll report them as soon as we find any more new additions.


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