HIDIVE Now Offers Annual Subscription & Adds Fire TV App Support

Streaming service HIDIVE have revealed some new news over the past few days that will excite fans and newcomers alike.

First up, they have now added a new subscription model for the users who prefer to pay yearly rather than monthly. The annual yearly subscription option is $47.88 (around £36) per year which is 20% off the monthly cost option. The monthly option of $4.99 is still available, replacing the previous $3.99 version but adds the extras (multiple users, 1080p HD streaming) that would have totalled $6.99 per month.

Next up, another device is now supporting HIDIVE with Amazon Fire TV. You can now download the app on those devices to watch anime or live-action Japanese titles through that method if you wish. The Amazon Fire TV device joins the iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku devices currently supported. Console apps and other devices are still in the works with no news for the time being.

And last but not least the 1984 anime series of Glass Mask will be streaming exclusively to HIDIVE for the following regions; US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America. The series will begin streaming starting 28th May 2018 at 12pm Central Daylight Time. The streaming service described the anime’s story as follows:

No one said being a glamorous movie star was going to be easy. Luckily for Maya, she has the talent and dedication to help her achieve her goals of stardom. Encouraged by her mentor, a reclusive actress named Tsukikage, a mysterious admirer who leaves Maya purple roses and even a beautiful and talented rival, Ayumi, Maya begins to finetune her skills to captivate her audience. But will that be enough to turn her dreams into reality?

That’s it for the latest in HIDIVE news. You can check out their latest Spring 2018 anime titles including English dubcasts for both Devils Line and DOREIKU this season.


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