UK Legal Anime Streaming May 2018 Round-up

We’re now half-way through the Spring 2018 anime season and there’s been a bunch of catalogue titles joining the services below.

So what is the purpose of this round-up you may ask? Simple, to let folks know what titles are now available to stream legally and what titles are no longer streaming. It’s important to help folks find the titles they want on the right services, especially given the UK had it rough for a long time until around 2016.

For our yearly round-ups on both Amazon Prime and Netflix you can view them here and here.

This list will be sorted by alphabetical order on the services.

Starting off the article is Amazon. We have a couple catalogue titles focused solely on the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

New Additions:

Next we have Crunchyroll continuing to acquire a majority of the titles each season. Two more titles from the simulcast season make their way onto Crunchyroll plus a number of Funimation titles join the service.

Spring 2018 Anime Simulcasts:

New Additions:

As part of their partnership with Crunchyroll, Funimation continues to offer the English simuldubs throughout each season. Note that all of the titles listed are English audio only.

New Additions:

HIDIVE have one catalogue title this time around.

New Addition:

Netflix are still around as per usual, not that much in terms of catalogue titles compared to previous seasons but do we know what their Spring 2018 line-up is. Most of them are pretty much not going to turn up until September time.

New Additions:

And that concludes the May 2018 round-up for the UK & Ireland’s legal streaming titles. Stay tuned for what’s coming in the month of June.


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