HIDIVE Now Supported on Google Chromecast

Streaming service HIDIVE have announced that their support for Google Chromecast is now available!

The streaming video application will be available on the 1st, 2nd & Ultra generations for Chromecast. HIDIVE have clarified that subscribers will also be able to watch their content through Chromecast-connected and enabled smart TVs. You can view the Google Play app page here.

HIDIVE’s founder John Ledford had this to say in response to the announcement:

“Our team has worked hard over the past year to expand HIDIVE’s availability to as many of its subscribers as possible. With this newest launch into the Chromecast app library, we signify our continuing dedication to providing HIDIVE customers their favourite content on their preferred device.”

The app provides features including:

  • Simulcasts & Dubcast episodes
  • Multiple profiles
  • Autoplay capabilities
  • Remote Control Options on Smartphones & Tablets
  • Syncing across several devices, congruent streams and more

HIDIVE offers over 230 anime titles including the Summer 2018 series 100 Sleeping Princes, Mr. Tonegawa Middle Management Blues, Revue Starlight and The Thousand Musketeers, as well as catalogue titles like Armored Trooper Votoms, Glass Mask 1984 and the DanMachi OVA.

Source: HIDIVE


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