Submit Your Nominations for the Anime UK News Readers’ Choice Awards 2018!

Watch out – it’s awards season again! Like every year, this year we’ve published a two-part Review of 2018 for anime, and manga and light novels. To go with it, we introduced the Anime UK News Readers’ Choice Awards, and our community came out in force to crown winners like Made in Abyss, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness. This year, we’re once again on the hunt for the best and brightest of 2018 across anime, manga, and light novels, as chosen by our readers.

For the 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards, though, we’re changing the process up a bit. This time, we’ll be splitting the process into two stages, which will allow our community more say in what makes it onto the final ballot.

The first stage starts today, and allows you to nominate as many entries for each category as you like. It will run until 11:59pm on 27th December, and you can submit the form as many times as you like – don’t be afraid to come back and submit more nominations if you think of more for each category!

Once the first stage is over, the results will be tallied up and used to inform the shortlist for each category. We’ll then put together the second stage – the full, multiple-choice survey, as you may remember from last year. This will include all the top choices from the nomination process, and like last year, this will run from the 1st January for two weeks.

The rules for voting are:

  • Nomination is open to everyone, even if you’re not already a member of Anime UK News.
  • All questions are optional, and you may fill in as many or as few as you wish.
  • You may submit multiple nomination ballots if you wish, but please don’t nominate something more than once – it will not be counted.
  • The nominations will be used to build the final ballot for the second round, and won’t be used for any other purpose.
  • Nominations may be rejected at the discretion of the Anime UK News editorial team if they are deemed to not meet the eligibility criteria outlined as part of each question, or if the nomination ballot is deemed to be fraudulent. All decisions regarding the authenticity of a nomination will be final.
  • We use the third-party Typeform service to run this survey, which may require you to transmit personal information in accordance with their policies.

That’s all for now – push the big red button below to start nominating your favourite titles! If you go through the survey and spot any errors, let us know by contacting us via the comments on this article, Twitter, Facebook, or our Discord server, and we’ll see what we can do!

Nominations are now closed. Thank you to all who entered!


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