Delayed Anime Limited Exclusive Collector’s Editions Due Next Week

Even as we enter the New Year, Anime Limited’s 2018 “12 Days of Christmas” promotional sale remains mired in confusion and controversy as a number of customers still await delivery of items perhaps intended as gifts for the recently concluded holiday season. With an auto-response on the distributor’s shop e-mail indicates that they will receive a timeline of remaining orders tomorrow afternoon (3rd January 2019), Anime Limited have clarified the status of a specially affected subset of holiday deals: pre-orders.

Snow White with the Red Hair Seasons 1 & 2 Blu-ray Collection, Assassination Classroom Seasons 1 & 2 Blu-ray Collection, and Escaflowne TV & Movie Ltd Edition Blu-ray Collection were all offered for pre-order on individual days of the sale, with listed dispatch estimates of “w/c [week commencing] 17th December 2018”. Customers have however, not received any deliveries or updates relating to these items as of writing (2nd January 2019). Responding to a query this afternoon, Anime Limited confirmed to Anime UK News that the titles had been delayed, with their delivery expected “next week” (w/c 7th January 2019).

The aforementioned releases are currently exclusive to Anime Limited’s online store, combining previously released volumes of titles with new physical extras, such as art booklets and sturdy storage boxes.

Have you been affected by the 12 Days of Christmas delays, and were any intended as presents? Let us know!



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