Baki (2018) Episodes 14-26 and INGRESS The Animation Coming to Netflix this April

Earlier we had reported that Fate/Zero, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, and ULTRAMAN will be available on Netflix this April, and now the streaming distributor has revealed that there are more anime on their way.

Here are the next batch of anime titles heading to the service this April:

Baki (Episodes 14-26)

Scheduled for 30th April 2019
For all territories with access to Netflix

 Initially confirmed for 19th March but had since been delayed for unknown reasons, Baki’s second half is finally making its way onto Netflix. These batch of episodes will round up the first season of the anime’s adaptation of the manga’s second part, with a second season recently green-lit for sometime in the future. Animated by TMS Entertainment and as part of the Netflix Originals line-up.

Ingress: The Animation

Scheduled for 30th April 2019
For all territories with access to Netflix

As part of the brand new +Ultra programming block from Fuji TV (who also own NoitaminA), INGRESS The Animation finally makes its debut in the west for Netflix as part of the Netflix Originals line-up since its broadcast back in October 2018. This is a CG anime series from studio Craftar based on the mobile video game of the same name.

Pokemon: Sun & Moon Season 2 has also been mentioned for 1st April, but it has yet to be listed in the UK slate at the time of this writing.

Sources: Netflix slates via Popculture


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