Araki Joh’s Bartender Anime Scheduled for Blu-ray release in January 2021 in UK & USA (via Anime Limited & Shout! Factory)

UK distributor Anime Limited has announced plans to release the 2006 anime series Bartender in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as United States and Canada under Shout! Factory, for home video starting 19th January 2021.

The distributor has also confirmed that there will be a limited number of advanced copies for the Bartender collector’s edition Blu-ray starting today at £34.99 (£31.50 for premium Screen Anime members) on their official webstore until it either sells out or the offer concludes on Thursday 10th September 2020. For those who live in the US & Canada region, this exact collector’s edition will also be released in those territories in January 2021.

The collector’s edition includes a rigid box and digipack packaging with 9 cocktail recipe cards and 4 coasters. As there has been no English dub ever produced, the Blu-ray release will be presented in Japanese audio with English subtitles only.

“Buried deep within the back streets of Japan’s Ginza district is a small, intimate bar named Eden Hall. Pay it a visit and you’ll find yourself served by Ryu Sasakura, a bartending prodigy who legend has it can mix the best cocktails anybody has ever tasted, and who always knows the ideal cocktail for any patron.

However, Eden Hall isn’t the kind of establishment that just anyone can wander into – instead, it plays home exclusively to those whose lives are plagued with problems and find themselves searching for solace and guidance. Once you find your way to the bar, Ryu’s expertise will find the perfect cocktail to soothe your soul, and provide exactly what you need to console and assist you.

Take a trip to Eden Hall, meet its varied patrons, and listen to their troubles while you sit back and relax. But remember: drink – and watch – responsibly.”

The 2006 television anime series is based on Araki Joh‘s manga series of the same name, with its adaptation animated by Palm Studio (Genshiken). Among the staff credits include director Masaki Watanabe, writer Yasuhiro Imagawa and music composer Kaoruko Ōtake.

Source: Anime Limited


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