Crunchyroll Adds Love Live! Superstar!! for Summer 2021 Simulcast Line-up

Love Live! Superstar!!, the latest addition to the Love Live! franchise, will simulcast on the streaming service Crunchyroll as part of their Summer 2021 line-up.

The territories are not yet known, but it is expected to include (or mainly cover) the United Kingdom and Ireland regions based on previous Love Live! additions and the fact that there’s no region restriction notice for the show page. The launch date and time for the first episode on Crunchyroll has yet to be revealed at the time of this post.

In addition, distributor Funimation has confirmed they will only be offering the series for United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand on their streaming platform rather than all English territories they generally cover.

Animated by studio Sunrise (Mobile Suit Gundam) and directed by Takahiko Kyogoku, Love Live! Superstar!! focuses on the idol group Liella! which features the following members; Kanon Shibuya (VA: Sayuri Date), Tang Keke (VA: Liyuu), Chisato Arashi (VA: Nako Misaki), Sumire Heanna (VA: Naomi Payton), and Ren Hazuki (VA: Nagisa Aoyama). In Japan, the series will broadcast on NHK Educational TV.

A majority of the Love Live! franchise in the UK & Ireland is currently being distributed by Anime Limited, who as of this post, have Love Live! the School Idol Movie, both seasons of Love Live! Sunshine!!, Love Live! Sunshine!! the School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow, and Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club with most of them released or scheduled for Blu-ray.

Both Sunshine!! and Nijigasaki were added to Crunchyroll for simulcast by the distributor, and it is likely at the time of this post that they have done the same for Superstar!! as well.

Source: Crunchyroll Show Page


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