Neon Genesis Evangelion Standard & Zavvi Exclusive Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Details Revealed

About over a week ago, distributors Anime Limited & GKIDS both finally revealed the home video details for their Ultimate Edition Blu-ray of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Priced at £299.99 SRP, the UK release sold all 1500 units within 12 hours and eventually was allocated an additional 1000 units which is almost sold out. The US sold all 5000 units within 12 hours as well while Australia has 500 units under Madman’s distribution. LEONINE is also offering a very similar package for Germany (with German-authored discs).

As pre-orders began, a second countdown appeared which hinted at additional editions available for those who could not afford the £200 (£180 for Unlimited members) early bird price tag. Today, those editions are now revealed.

Collector’s Edition Details:

Starting off the second countdown details is a collector’s edition Blu-ray that pretty much follows the same approach that Anime Limited had done for their other titles; Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Gurren Lagann and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

The package comes with the following:

  • Rigid Box with three Amaray cases to house the discs.
  • All 11 Blu-ray discs from the Ultimate Edition are included (such as the Official (Netflix) dub, Classic (ADV & Manga Ent.) dub, and 5+ hours bonus features).
  • 40-page Booklet
  • 8 Art Cards

However, this release is exclusive to Zavvi and is available to pre-order for £124.99 plus postage (free postage if you have Zavvi’s Red Carpet). It is also scheduled for release on 6th December 2021, the same day as the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray. For the US owners, the Region A version is exclusive to Rightstuf for SRP $219.99.

Standard Edition Details:

Next we have the standard edition Blu-ray for those who aren’t interested in collector’s packaging. The set is also be available for pre-order, priced at £69.99 SRP and will include both the TV series and the two films together in a single Amaray case. Release date is the same as the previous editions. For US owners, the Region A version is available on Rightstuf for $59.98 SRP.

As shown in the comparison list above, both the Classic English dub discs (5 in total) as well as The End of Evangelion video format version (which was on its own disc) are not included in the standard edition release. The rest of the on-disc content, such as the many hours of bonus features, are included in the standard edition as well.

Source: Anime Limited EVANGELION Website


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