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Finder, Volume 8 Review

Copyright: Finder no Mitsuyaku © 2016 Ayano Yamane

WARNING: This article covers an adult title and may cause offense. May also contain spoilers from earlier volumes.

“A photograph is neither

• April 10, 2017
Manga Review

Erased Volume 1 Review

Last March I started watching Erased, a mystery story that was being adapted by A-1 Pictures. Over the course of its airing many anime fans took notice of the series and by the end of its run we were…

• March 8, 2017
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Psycho-Pass Volume 1

In a not-too distant future, everyone lives in peace and security in Japan; the Sybil System screens the psyches of all citizens and ensures that anyone with latent criminal tendencies is locked…

• August 31, 2014
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“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” – Aldous Huxley

Un-Go has a vast mixture of elements to it. It is a detective show. It has both fantasy elements and…

• July 4, 2013
Manga Review

Lupin III Volume 1

Lupin III is one of the longest running anime franchises in Japan. Spanning over forty years with three TV series, yearly television specials and a series of feature films with Studio Ghibli’s…

• August 28, 2008
Anime Review

Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo

In the first feature length outing of the now forty year old master thief Lupin the Third we are introduced to the protagonist straight away but there’s only one problem, he’s been…

• August 22, 2008
Anime Review

Black Lagoon Volume 3

Black Lagoon rounds off the First Barrage with rip-roaring conclusion to the Unstoppable Housemaid arc before following the crew as they embark on a mission set by the Triads that pits them against…

• August 15, 2008
Anime Review

Black Lagoon Volume 2

Black Lagoon is shaping up to be both a gritty and satisfying action show and also a fascinating character-driven piece that’s placing plenty of emphasis on the contrasting personalities …

• July 22, 2008
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MPD Psycho: Volumes 1 – 4

MPD Psycho’s protagonist Kazuhiko Amamiya and his multiple personality disorder – with one personality indeed being a bit of psycho – proves to be a blessing and curse for new readers. …

• May 19, 2008
Anime Review

Black Lagoon Volume 1

Amidst all the furore surrounding Geneon’s uncertain future there were several new titles that I feared would never make it to UK shelves; one of those was Black Lagoon. It’s fair…

• February 28, 2008
Anime Review

Golgo 13: The Professional

I don’t know whether I’d be speaking too harshly of Golgo 13: The Professional in saying how bad it is. Make no mistake, it IS bad, but the fact that it’s a quarter of a century …

• January 5, 2008