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Review of Scumbag Loser

SAITEIHEN NO OTOKO -Scumbag Loser- vols 1, 2, 3 © 2012, 2013 Mikoto Yamaguti / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

“Employee of the month is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner and a loser at the

• November 23, 2016
Film Review

The Empire of Corpses Review

Project Ito may seem like a studio name but it’s actually a synonym for Satoshi Ito, a Japanese science fiction writer who produced four novels before his passing in 2009. Most of his books …

• September 12, 2016
Anime Review

Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1

Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student living in Tokyo with an innocent crush on a girl he meets at his local café, Rize Kamishiro. After plucking up the courage to ask her out, he finds the date…

• October 4, 2015
Anime Review

The Garden of Sinners

Garden of Sinners was originally a light novel series released in Japan in the late 90s from Type Moon; it’s not only their earliest work but also considered the ‘prototype’ for their other…

• December 14, 2014
Anime Review

Attack on Titan Volume 2

This review contains spoilers from the first part. 

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” – Betty Reese. 

The first collection…

• October 28, 2014
Anime Review

Attack on Titan Volume 1

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton 

Finally, one of the most anticipated anime releases of the year is out. Attack on Titan was…

• September 14, 2014
Anime Review

Tokyo Ghoul

Episodes 1 – 4

It was a colossal and nameless blasphemy with glaring red eyes, and it held in bony claws a thing that had been a man, gnawing at the head as a child nibbles at a stick of candy. Its

• July 31, 2014
Anime Review

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Teiichi Niiya is a first year middle school student at Seikyou Private Academy, a huge school that has a lot of ghost stories tied to it due to there being a mixture of ‘new’ and ‘old’…

• February 25, 2014
Anime Review


In 1972, a student named Misaki suddenly died halfway through the school year. With the class too devastated to handle it, they pretended that she was still alive and well all the way up till graduation,…

• November 23, 2013