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Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1

Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student living in Tokyo with an innocent crush on a girl he meets at his local café, Rize Kamishiro. After plucking up the courage to ask her out, he finds the date…

• 4th Oct 2015
Anime Review

Bleach: The Lost Agent Part 2

Episodes 355-366

Ichigo is training hard with Kugo Ginjo, the leader of Xcution, who has offered to help him find his Fullbring powers. But something sinister is going on; a rogue member of Xcution,…

• 1st Oct 2015
Anime Review

Bleach: The Lost Agent Part 1

Episodes 343-354

Over a year has passed since Ichigo lost his powers and he and his friends are doing the usual things seventeen-year-old high school kids do: part-time jobs; mooching around;…

• 20th Jul 2015
Anime Review

Bleach: The Invading Army Part 1

Episodes 317-329

There’s never a dull moment for the Soul Society for substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends. No sooner have they defeated Aizen than a strange green-haired…

• 25th May 2015
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Naruto: Shippuuden Volume 20

Episodes 245-257

The Next Challenge! Naruto Vs The Nine Tails

At the Waterfall of Truth, Naruto has reached the moment when he is ready to unlock the seal on the phenomenally powerful beast he…

• 7th Feb 2015
Anime Review

Bleach: Fall of the Arrancar

Bleach Season 14 Part 1 Episodes 292-303

“The truth is, Ichigo Kurosaki, all of the battles you’ve fought up till now were simply a part of my plan.” Sousuke Aizen

“I’m not done yet!”…

• 28th Dec 2014

Tokyo Ghoul TV Spot

A TV spot for the second season of Tokyo Ghoul has been released onto the internet.


In an alternative reality Tokyo is haunted by “ghouls” who devour humans. The government has taken…

• 18th Dec 2014
Anime Review

Tokyo Ghoul

Episodes 1 – 4

“It was a colossal and nameless blasphemy with glaring red eyes, and it held in bony claws a thing that had been a man, gnawing at the head as a child nibbles at a stick of candy. Its…

• 31st Jul 2014