Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 6

ATTENTION: Spoilers below!

What can I say about this volume of ‘Parasyte’ other than “page turner”? This volume, I believe, actually has Iwaaki capturing the essence…

• October 17, 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 5

Hitoshi Iwaaki continues to impress in this next volume of ‘parasyte’ by continuing to plunge his protagonist into a series of devilishly drawn out duels with human and Parasyte…

• July 12, 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 4

This review will contain spoilers of a salient kind! Do not read any further if you do not wish to know them!

It feels really good to be coming back, after some time, to review the fourth volume of ‘Parasyte’.…

• June 28, 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 3

‘Parasyte’ is now in its third volume. This volume covers Shinichi’s exploits with regards to who he is attached to by the red string of love but also this volume is an attempt…

• March 12, 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 2

This volume of ‘Parasyte’ is an extremely harrowing read. It is a territory not explored by myself in the medium of manga or anime because of its extremely, not only dramatic but, …

• January 18, 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 1

 ‘Parasyte’ is a reasonably well realised synthesis of drama, action and philosophy. Hitoshi Iwaaki’s story follows the journey of protagonist Shinichi as he deals with…

• December 1, 2008