ERASED – Part 1 Review
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ERASED – Part 1 Review

ERASED – Part 1 Review
ERASED is one of the big hits of 2016, blending multiple genres together to create a very satisfying whole. The series is finally seeing its release here in the UK, so let's take a look at Part 1 - Containing the first 6 episodes of the hit series...
• 5th August 2017
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Erased Volume 1 Review

Last March I started watching Erased, a mystery story that was being adapted by A-1 Pictures. Over the course of its airing many anime fans took notice of the series and by the end of its run we were…

• 8th March 2017
Anime Review

Parasyte: The Maxim

The manga series Parasyte (Hitoshi Awaaki) was launched in 1988 and concluded in 1995. Twenty years after finishing its run in afternoon magazine Parasyte was finally awarded its own …

• 4th May 2015
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The Garden of Sinners

Garden of Sinners was originally a light novel series released in Japan in the late 90s from Type Moon; it’s not only their earliest work but also considered the ‘prototype’ for their other…

• 14th December 2014
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Black Butler: Cinema Screening

The live action movie version of the popular manga series Black Butler takes place in 2020 in an Asian city where Western and Eastern cultures blend together. Several years earlier, a young woman…

• 20th October 2014
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Black Butler

This review is for the theatrical release of the live action Black Butler movie. 

It used to be the case that UK fans could only dream of being able to watch the live action adaptations of their…

• 16th October 2014
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Robotics;Notes Volume 2

“All that matters is the robot of justice wins!” Akiho Senomiya

Building a giant robot has always been Akiho’s dream – and with the help of the Robot Research Club at her high school on the…

• 13th October 2014
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Psycho-Pass Volume 1

In a not-too distant future, everyone lives in peace and security in Japan; the Sybil System screens the psyches of all citizens and ensures that anyone with latent criminal tendencies is locked…

• 31st August 2014
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Chaos;Head: Complete

Chaos;Head centres on 17 year-old Takeru, a massive anime otaku who lives in a storage container. So all-consuming is his obsession that he completely rejects “three-dimensional girls”…

• 29th October 2012
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Message to Adolf Volume 1

“What luck for rulers that men do not think.” – Adolf Hitler.

Osamu Tezuka may be better known for his children’s work, especially Astro Boy, but this thrilling historical…

• 23rd September 2012